need a private student loan bad credit and no cosigner

<p>hello ppl i am an undergraduate student that has bad credit and needs a private student loan i have already been approved for the pell grant and federal loan but its not gonna be enough to cover the cost of attendence so i need to get a private student loan. </p>

<p>as said i have bad credit and no cosigner, i dont care about intrest rates or fees i just need a private student of about 6000$ with bad credit and no cosigner anyone got any suggestions?</p>

<p>This is the bad news. There is no private loan-fairy. No co-signer, no private loan.</p>

<p>Have your parents applied for a Parent Plus Loan? If they are turned down, you qualify for additional Unsubsidized Federal Student Loans (I think in the neighborhood of about 4K). However, I think everyone here will caution you against taking out too much in loans. How much in loans have you taken out already in total and how much more will you need to get you to graduation?</p>

<p>As said before, if your parents get denied for a Plus loan, you can get a loan for $4k more.</p>

<p>as said i have bad credit and no cosigner,* i dont care about intrest rates or fees i just need a private student loan**of about 6000$ with bad credit and no cosigner anyone got any suggestions? *</p>

<p>My 2 cents: your statement of "don't care about interest rate or fees, I just need a private student loans" is an example of what gets people into trouble with credit in the first place.
Impulsive "I want what I want at any cost" behaviors can be deadly. You're young...too young to already have bad credit. Learn from your past mistakes and use credit responsibly.</p>

<p>What are your job plans? Do you work now? What are your summer work plans?</p>

<p>Good luck! :)</p>

<p>i have bad credit because i have taken out a loan before through golden 1 to get a personal trainer certification which i got and then alot of stuff happened that was out of my control to cause me to not be able to pay it off. i am not in good standing with my parents and having them apply for a loan on my behave is pretty much out of the question(but out of curiousity what qualifys your parents for a plus loan cause if i know my mom would get turned down i might be able to get her to apply to get turned down so i can have access to a the extra unsubsidized loans).</p>

<p>i understand your guys concern on the statement about fees and intrest rates and have taken that into considerations however my situations is pretty complicated right now and theres alot my to it then i put in the original post. i have thought long and hard about this and taken everything into consideration and come to the point im at now where i need a private loan. so im just asking if anyone knows of any lenders out there that tend to work with ppl in my situation.</p>

<p>No. There are no private lenders who lend money to non-credit-worthy students with no co-signer.</p>

<p>Parent PLUS loan info can be found with web searches.</p>

<p>ok i have done a search on the parent plus loans and i went to the site the same 1 you go to to sign your MPN and it states that the parent borrower must not have an adverse credit history i know my mom has bad credit but im wondering exactly what they mean when they say this. does this mean that if you have any type of bad credit you'll get turned down or something like you have to have really bad credit before you get turned down. and does anyone know what the process is like if your parent applys and gets accepted they can then turn it down right? and if they get denied then what?</p>

<p>i know these are questions for my fin aid office but its closed right no due to the holidays so im just wondering if anyone has every gone through the process themselves. and thanks for the help everyone</p>

<p>Your parent would need to apply for abpnd be turned down for a plus loan for YOU to get more in stafford loans. However you need to know that most parents who apply are actually approved for the plus least the first year. I have to say that my suggestion would be for you NOT to take any more loans. You have not been responsible regarding repayment of other loans. Quit while you are ahead. Perhaps you could get a job as a personal trainer and save some money.</p>