need a quick chance

<p>im a rising senior, and at this point although i can make some areas better, everythings all finalized lol for the most part.
this wont be a large chance thread, just based on numbers.</p>

<p>uw gpa 3.68
w gpa not sure but ive taken all aps and honors (including 4 junior and 5 senior)</p>

<p>sat 1: took only once, cr620 m780 wr700 =2100. hoping to increase to 2200 by perfecting writing and math this summer. scratch that, im pretty confident, so chance me with a 2200+. the 2100 i did not study at all for because it was my first time. im sure i can do better! :)</p>

<p>sat2: ew. 680 bio, 800 math, 720 chem...</p>

<p>ec: im a music oriented person. im in ny's all state band, perfect scores on both all state auditions for percussion, marching band drumline leader, jazz ensemble drummer, etc</p>

<p>im also part of a rutgers college oriented band as a drummer and we travel all over ( going to kansas next week) and play at children and youth poverty areas</p>

<p>yeahh and sports i played volleyball throughout high school, math team, nhs, premed...etc.</p>

<p>i think i already made this too long, but i have a decent amt of ec's.</p>

<p>i would like to apply to cornell (pretty sure its useless) bc, nyu, tufts, and boston university. safety would be a state school i guess... T-T</p>

<p>btw, do any of my listed colleges require 3 sat2's? id rather not send my bio...and is 720chem horrible? reTake?
and do all these schools accept score choice?</p>

<p>First off, you need leadership and volunteer work (community service) if you want in at Cornell.</p>

<p>If you get 2200+ on your SAT, you're competitive for all schools listed, including Cornell. Unfortunatley, your GPA is low for Cornell. Try very hard this year to bump your unweighted GPA to a 3.75 or higher before you send in applications.</p>

<p>Also, a 720 Chem is definitely not bad at all, so don't despair. What'd you get in bio?</p>

<p>Anyways, here are my predictions:</p>

<p>Safety: None (Find a good safety!)
Good Match: Boston College, Boston University
Low Reach: Tufts, NYU
Mid-Reach: Cornell</p>

<p>Cornell is wholly possible. But you'll need 2200+ on the SAT, leadership, volunteer work, and great essays if you want to be a serious candidate for admission. Best of luck! :)</p>

<p>Where are you applying early to?</p>

<p>probably early to tufts</p>