Need advice - Architectural Engineering (ArchE) programs & admissions

Our son who just started classes today as a junior in high school has decided to pursue Architectural Engineering in college. We did a lot of research during the summer on schools offering this degree (aka ArchE) within US. Since we are from Texas, we also visited UT Austin (offers ArchE) & Texas A&M (does not offer ArchE). We are looking for the admission criteria for students who were admitted to ArchE program at UT Austin since this is the first choice of our son.

We also communicated with University of Nebraska, Lincoln based on the info on their website & out-of-state tuition.Their ArchE campus is located in UN Omaha but the degree is given by UN Lincoln. Part of their reason for this is that Omaha is home to three of the major architectural engineering firms in the country: HDR, DLR, and Leo A Daly. Can any parent and/ or student elaborate on the University of Nebraska, Lincoln experience?

What other out-of-Texas schools should we seriously consider?


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My daughter is studying Architectural Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology. She has had plenty of opportunities there, and the location in Chicago has been great for internships and such. Their career services provides plenty of support. They also offer some great scholarships.

She also applied at Drexel and University of Wyoming (would have been very affordable for us with WUE). I’ve heard good things about the programs at CU Boulder, and one of the Kansas schools. Alabama has a new archEng program as well. It’s good to look at specializations and see what is offered that interests your son.

in regards to UNL and UN-Omaha; i do think the program is mainly UN-O based and housed. We looked at it too before our daughter decided architecture and not ArchE. The UNL and UN-O campus experiences are very different; but UN-O is kind of growing and has a good vibe going on now.