Need Advice--Declaring Major for UCs

I'm currently filling out the UC application and will be applying to UCLA with UCSB and UCR as my backups. My question is, would it be unwise to change my major at this point?</p>

<p>I'm an Economics major on paper (and have all the requirements fulfilled) but I want to get into East Asian Studies. I've fulfilled the East Asian Studies major requirements except for the four semesters of foreign language. I've already taken two semesters and plan to take one more in Spring semester. The Economics/International Studies major at UCLA would be ideal but I doubt I'll get in since it's impacted and I don't have a 4.0 GPA or TAP. So, I was thinking of declaring East Asian Studies as my major. But I'm unsure if that would be a good move since I haven't fulfilled the all the requirements yet and I'm thinking that might also affect my chances at UCSB and UCR.</p>

<p>Just wondering what you guys think since I've read some good advice on these forums. Stick with Economics or change to East Asian Studies? Or if it's possible, East Asian Studies for UCLA and Economics for UCSB, UCR?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Whats your gpa? Are you instate or out of state? Go into more detail on your stats.</p>

<p>I'm transfering from a California Community College and my GPA at the time of application is 3.64. I don't have much when it comes to ECs or volunteer work since I spend most of my time to help run my family's retail store. But I did volunteer at the local elementary school for a while since they were understaffed. I did more volunteer work/EC during high school, but I'm not sure if that can still be applied since I'm a transfer student.</p>

<p>UCLA is extremely tough to get into especially the econ based majors. If your goal is to get into UCLA I would recommend applying to the East Asia Studies instead of econ/international. You will increase your chances alot.</p>

<p>Transferjoe said it best.</p>

<p>its easier to transfer from a community college in california to a UC. most people think its hard, but thats one thing many ppl don't know. its actually easier to from a community college to UC than hs to UC</p>

<p>While that is true. Econ at UCLA is impacted and extremely hard to get into. Transferjoe has similar stats. Its a possibility that both of you may still be accepted, but it isn't likely. In my opinion. If you do apply for East Asian Studies your chances are good even if you won't be able to finish all the preq classes.</p>

<p>Thanks Collegeman, transferjoe, and Seven Nights for the replies! Now I can be more confident in changing my major. I hope things go well for you transferjoe.</p>

<p>Yes my stats are very close to yours. I will have a 3.64 at the end of this semester and be applying to UCLA. Luckily I have already been accepted to UCDavis. I still would like to go to UCLA though. I know that econ is one of the toughest majors to be accepted to. Although I am applying and holding onto hope, I would be shocked if I got admitted. Good luck with applying. Again if your goal it to be admitted apply under East Asian Studies. It would greatly improve your chances.</p>