Need Advice for ACT

Hey everyone. I took my first ACT in February and got a 30.
English: 35
Math: 30
Reading: 23
Science: 33
However, my 23 in reading was almost directly due to an extreme level of anxiety (practically a panic attack), causing me to guess on about 25-50% of the questions.
I’m wondering if I should take the one in June, which I would have 3 weeks after finals to study for. Through this period, I would get a tutor that I know personally (Friend’s Dad). I’m primarily shooting for a 33+ and will be taking it again in September. On the other hand, would you feel it would be better for me to not take the June and take the September and October ones (since Ill be taking it 3 times)?
Thanks so much.

Take 4 times.

@Anubis13 take the June and September. Was there something about the reading that made you panic? Consider focusing your prep on the reading so you are confident for that section.