Need advice for choosing courses

<p>I am now in College of Business. Someone told me that, for the first semester, I should choose some courses which relate to my major, such as econ, computer science, and math. Can anyone give me more advice for which courses should I choose?</p>

<p>What's your major and do you have any incoming credits for AP, IB etc?</p>

<p>This is something you should really be discussing with an advisor. It sounds like you have not yet gone through one of the summer orientations and registered and thus have not been assigned an advisor yet but you should be when you go to register and if not call and seek to get one from COB.</p>

<p>Nevertheless, things any business major should be considering taking freshman year definitely include the basic econ courses (required), required math courses, rhetoric (everyone has to take it unless your ACT/SAT test score got you out of it and rhetoric usually works on an alphabetical basis; first semester those with a name beginning in the first half of the alphabet can take it, second semester those in the second half of the alphabet). Other possibilities include basic accounting courses if accounting needed for major, beginning psych course because upper psych courses are needed for some of the majors and the basic course is a prerequisite to those, computer science, courses that lead toward completion of gen ed requirements including science and humanities courses. Again, you should be talking to an advisor. If you want to do some of your own exploration go on-line to UIUCs site and find the general education requirements, the business school course requirements for all major, the requirements for the majors. All that info is on-line. In fact, that is information that any student coming to UIUC should be exploring on-line even before they register.</p>

<p>Talk to your designated adviser. He/she will give you an incredible amount of advice and they will have sample 4 year course plans for you at the advising sessions. You can also talk to some peer advisers as well. However it really depends on the amount of AP credit that you come in with. </p>

<p>Did you go to orientation? Last year when I went to the summer orientation I was able to select all my classes with the help of a Sophomore Business student. It was very helpful. If you need help, I can try to help you as well.</p>

<p>Definitely talk to your advisor, but I think the OP might want to be prepared by at least trying to develop a schedule on his own. My point in asking what major he was taking was to direct him to a sample schedule webpage. That, a campus map, and an examination of offered courses for this coming fall quarter <a href=""&gt;;/a>, will help him get an idea of what scheduling is all about, and make that meeting with his advisor go more smoothly.</p>

<p>The campus map, by the way, is so that he can get an idea of where one class is in relation to the class before and after, so that he can determine whether it's possible to get from class to class in 10 minutes.</p>

<p>I am an international student, therefore, I can only have summer registration on Aug 19. I have AP credits for Calc BC, Phys B, Stats, and Chem, which school gave me 27 credits already. Math department also invites me to attend math 241 honor(calc III). How many sections does gen-ed has?</p>

<p>Again, what's your major? Your general education requirements have various elements that need to be fulfilled. For business, I'm not sure Math 241, honors or not, is required for your major. Your advisor will be able to give you the definitive answer here. I'm only trying to help you create a preliminary schedule so that you are familiar with the process when you meet with him.</p>

<p>I haven't chosen my major yet, but I want to have double major in both math and accountary, which is why I choose math 241. Does that mean, if I take enough courses which a specific major needs, I can automatically have that major?</p>

<p>You need to look at the requirements of the specific major(s) in which you have an interest to determine which classes you need to take that will count towards the completion of the requirements of those majors. I suggest that you look at posted requirements of the majors that you wish to obtain for the purpose of getting prepared to discuss things with your advisor. He/she is the ultimate source of information here. I'm trying to tell you to do a little work on your own in order to be able to better be informed when you meet with him. As to your question...If you take the required courses that a given major requires, then you will obtain a degree in that major. Talk to your advisor about those details, but look over things on your own to get a better understanding of what your advisor will be looking at.</p>