Need Advice for transfer

hey yall! I’m currently at Collin County Community College and I am planning to transfer fall 2017 to UT. I started out wanting to do business however, I got a C in Precal and failed Calculus. My current GPA stands at a 3.115 so I decided to stop doing math and switch majors to Public Relations in the school of communications. After calculating, I should have a 3.44 after spring semester. Can anyone chance me? I have a PR internship as well.

I think that a F in calculus will cause a negative impact even though you apply for other majors. UT really care about calculus readiness. Calculus 1 is the easiest one in calculus sequence. Calculus 2 & 3 are much harder. You should have gone to tutoring when you did not understand.

@scientist89 I know but for public relations, calculus isn’t required. So now I have changed all my classes from business to communications.