Need Advice, graduating in June

<p>Hey guys,
I'm graduating this June with an BS Electrical Engineering degree(specializing in comm and DSP) from Cal Poly Pomona.
The good news is that I am the valedictorian for the school of engineering.
The bad news is, I don't like engineering(too technical, networking isn't that great and low salary cap).</p>

<p>I applied only to one school(USC) for graduate school (MSEE program) and got accepted but I really do not want to go through two more years of engineering studies.</p>

<p>I am really interested in getting an MBA but with no work experience or internship experience of any sort I know that my chances are low.</p>

<p>I looked around the forum and many seem to be saying that IB is the route to take. However, I think the probability of getting a job in companies like GS is close to zero.</p>

<p>Any advice on what to do ? I'm totally lost.</p>

<p>advice anyone?</p>