Need advice/help regarding "school based" SAT accommodations

My DD has SAT “school based” accommodations, but she wants to take the SAT this August or September but her school will not be offering it. In addition, she attends a boarding school in MA but we live in NJ.

When I called CB Accommodations they said they would reach out to schools in our area but it according to the rep herself (and also the accommodations coordinator at her school) it may be quite difficult to find a school that will be willing to hire a proctor for her.

Do anyone have experience with this?

How do I convince a local school to provide her a proctor?

Who can I talk to at CB to ask a broader question? If students who attend boarding schools decide to stay home (due to medical concerns) and attend school online, how will they be get school based accommodations? Will they be expected to travel to their school?

I’ll take any advice!

@twinmama17 SAT accommodations are granted by the college board, not the school. Do you have an accommodations approval letter from CB? What accommodations does she need? If something like extended time, she wouldn’t need a proctor, since most SAT testing at local public schools have a group with extended time.

In the current circumstances, you might have to resign yourself to traveling far away and an overnight stay for her to get to a test site that will accommodate her. I don’t know if there is a way to “convince” a local school to do it.

College Board has got a big mess to sort out. I’d be the squeeky wheel but also be flexible. Ask CB for the coordinator who arranges accommodations in your region. Good luck.

I am a school counselor and our school’s SSD coordinator. Typically I have to upload the request and the documents to the SSD portal. Depending on the accommodations, it can be a simple process. For example, my older son has a 504 for anxiety, which his counselor uploaded the documents, asking for extended time and small group, which was approved.

Once those accommodations are approved, then your child gets an ID number to include when registering. When my kid registered, he said he needed accommodations and then only certain test centers were an option.

Your post seems to indicate you need solo testing? A one to one proctor accommodation is actually something I have never, in 14 years of my career, had to ask for. If so, good luck because that seems Iike a financial loss for Sat and they are def not going to take a hit without a battle.

School based testing typically is the day the schools offer the testing under their own auspices, not weekend testing. She would still need approval to utilize accommodations.

Thanks for the responses. My daughter has a complex medical history and has gone through the accommodations process with CB. In fact she already took an SAT subject test with accommodation at her school.

She was given “breaks as needed” (and with recent additional diagnoses we are now asking for additional time as well).

Yes, I understand that most accommodations are available at any testing center, but this particular one is not. I was told “Breaks as needed” requires a separate proctor–that’s why it is called a “school based accommodation” because her high school provides it. The extended time can be done in a group and at any testing center as well as the other types of breaks offered --just not “breaks as needed”.

In the meantime, I have been in contact with coordinator with CB and provided her a long list of possible schools near us that might be willing to provide a proctor. I reached out to the high school and college I attended (both local) to see if they might be able to help. So far 4 schools have said “no”… I will have to wait to see who is willing to help. Luckily I live a very densely populated area.

At this point, I am hopeful that at least one school may say yes.