Need Advice: JHU Vs Dartmouth Vs. Northwestern Vs. WUSTL

<p>Need Your Advice: Dartmouth Vs. WUSTL (Full-ride) Vs. NU, etc </p>

<p>I am planning to transfer to Stanford next year (planning does not mean I am certain). But, of course, I do want to go to the best school in my list and they are as good as Stanford (or could be even better fit). I just prefer Stanford because I like CA and its education and facility.</p>

<p>here is my final college list:</p>

<p>Dartmouth (Less than 12K: Pending)
U Penn (Wharton School: Fin-Aid Pending)
Brown (No PLME: Pending)
Northwestern (Fin-aid Pending)
WUSTL (Full-ride)
JHU (No Financial Aid)
Notre Dame
UC Berkeley (Pending)
UCLA (about 20K)</p>

<p>My intended major is Biology or Economics. I am a pre-med student but I may change my mind to go to business or Law school. I still want to have an amazing pre-med program at college. On the other thread, many people recommended me Dartmouth or WUSTL.</p>