Need advice on a deferral

Son was deferred from EA1 at WPI.

Very hard to discern the chances now that he’s RD. If anyone has any datapoints, please pass them along.

Also: we decided to go ahead with FAFSA and CSS submissions for WPI. We don’t expect anything but thought at the time (~11/1) that it showed interest in the college.
Would retracting the need-based FA increase our chances? (assuming it can be done)


I don’t know about moving from ED to RD, but as for waiting lists…
Number of qualified applicants offered a place on waiting list - 3,202
Number accepting a place on waiting list - 1,092
Number of wait-listed students admitted - 153

Also, I am curious about why you thought FAFSA and CSS submissions equated to showing interest. Did someone tell you that?

In any event, “level of applicant’s interest” is not marked as neither “very important” or even "important on their CDS.

I do not think FA will affect anything. WPI does not meet need anyway.
I think your son should send an email saying that he is still interested and also update them with any new info like grades, extracurricular etc.
Just show interest and hope for the best.

Have him send a letter of continued interest. Agree with above, include new info and make sure he expresses how much he wants to go.