Need advice on letter of rec...

<p>Is it always recommended/required that a letter of recommendation comes from a teacher who has taught you in either 11th or 12th grade?</p>

<p>I have already asked my chemistry teacher to write me a letter of rec, though I have not specified to which college. However, she has only taught me for one semester because I took her course at a community college. </p>

<p>On the other hand, I have another science teacher (now administrator of our very small school) in mind who I would be interested in writing me a letter of rec. He has taught me biology and anatomy/physiology in 9th and 10th grade. I was also his teacher's aide and in his seminar class during my junior year. </p>

<p>I have a good relationship with both teachers, although I feel that the second teacher will be able to account for my growth as a student and as a parent for these past three years. </p>

<p>Any suggestions to what I should do? I know it was foolish on my part to ask my chemistry teacher so early in the summer when I was having second doubts.</p>

<p>It is not always required that the rec. come from a 11th or 12th grade teacher (the school will specify). I would probably go with the 9th and 10th grade science teacher b/c he is actually a faculty of YOUR school and he probably knows you better as a person since you were also his aide. However, since you already asked the chem teacher, I would send her rec. to 1-2 safety schools just so she didn't write it for nothing and then ask the other science teacher. Also, most schools require 2 teacher recs. so if you don't have an appropriate teacher from another subject, you could always use both of them.</p>

<p>I already have an English teacher in mind to write my other letter. </p>

<p>I will probably have to call schools up and ask what their policy is on rec letters since many of them don't specify on their website.Thank you for your input, GoldOwl!</p>


<p>can anyone else offer his or her input? I would greatly appreciate it.</p>


<p>Obviously the preferred is 11th grade because it was the most recent teacher to really get to know you. However, because that teacher has known you for such a substantial amount of time it could be beneficial and like you said, he/she could comment on your growth. I would stress though that you make sure that your 2nd rec. is either 11th or 12th.</p>

<p>The English teacher that I am asking has taught me during my Junior year. She, like my chemistry teacher, is an instructor at the community college but she and I have established a good relationship and she is the one who exposed me to an aspect of science that I now hold great interest in.</p>

<p>I was incredibly foolish/impatient to ask my chemistry teacher for a rec letter early, and now that I want to switch teachers, I don't know what to do. I like GoldOwl's idea with having her write the rec letter for my safety school, but my safety school is a UC, which does not require any teacher evaluations. </p>

<p>Thank you, ZooeyKing, for your response!</p>