Need advice on swim recruiting

My DS22 is talking to a variety of Ivy, Patriot, and NESCAC schools and is finding that the Patriot League schools are moving faster than the other two leagues in the recruiting process. Today they asked him where he was in the process and where their school ranked. How does he keep the interest going with all the schools until he figures out where he stands with NESCAC and Ivy schools? His test scores and grades make him a good candidate at all these schools (with a spot from a coach) but has his heart set on a specific Ivy but most importantly doesn’t want to burn any bridges at this point. All advice appreciated.

Hi! Congrats on your son’s many excellent options! DS21, a swimmer, just went through the recruiting cycle. Although we only communicated with Ivies and couple of top 10 D3 schools, DS was very open with all the coaches in regard of what other schools he was in communication with. All the coaches understood that this is part of the process. It is even more reassuring for your son If he is one of their top recruit. When the coach asks for where the school ranks among your choices, you can advice your son to reply that it is one of his top choices.
My son was in the same situation with the top D3 colleges, but he was honest to let them know that he was still undecided with the other Ivies. You might have to keep the conversations going until Ivy pre-read which won’t happen until July. You simply need to constantly assess your son’s situation and keep an honest and open conversation with the coaches, so you can know where your son stands in each potential college recruit ranks. Remember that once a coach offers a slot, you need to ask him/her how much time you have to make a decision. Good luck with your son’s recruiting journey!!!


Thank you! That is the advice I was inclined to give him. Be honest and let them know that they remain at the top of his list. We have seen enough of our friends go through this process that we know we never want to burn a bridge (and neither do the coaches) because you never know how this will all shake out. Thanks again!

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