Need advice on what to do!

<p>Hi so theres these scholarships that are listed on the website of the college im going to. Theres like 7 i'm applying for, and they all use the same exact form for the app and letters of rec. The only difference is the name of the scholarship at the top of the letters of rec.</p>

<p>So, I have one letter of rec that my teacher filled out a while ago, but it has one specific scholarship name at the top.</p>

<p>So should I just turn in the letter of rec with the wrong scholarship name on it OR change the name of the scholarship by photocopying and have a tell tale copy line?</p>

<p>Thanks soooo much for your help ;)</p>

<p>Can't you photocopy without having some kind of tell tale copy line? Try having the copies made at Staples or similar.</p>

<p>Old school method is to make the photocopy and then use liquid paper or some other type of white-out to eliminate the line. Then make a photocopy of that.</p>

<p>New school method is to scan the recommendation and then use whatever computer program you like to paste a new heading over the old scholarship name.</p>

<p>Why not ask the teacher to print out new recs with the scholarships' names?</p>

<p>Or, have her do what mine did and make the recommendation say "Scholarship Committee" and be general...then she gave me about 30 copies and I used them throughout the year.</p>

<p>I agree with JamesJr. If you are worried that you will bother the teacher, then ask them if they are willing to write an updated letter based on new grades, new EC, etc, and then use that new salutation. You did mention it was filled out some time ago.</p>

<p>Most scholarship committees are not going to be too happy to have an altered LOC, regardless of the reason.</p>