Need Advice! Should I use the free SAT scores sending now

<p>I just took SAT II US History, Math II, and Chemistry first time on Nov5th.
I don't think I scored really well. History and Math are probably above 600 but not so sure for Chem. </p>

<p>I will take SAT II the same thing again in Dec and it will be my last chance, so I only have 2 sets of scores to send. So I noticed that when I send I have to send all scores from the same test date, I can't choose which ones. Is it better to just send the Nov scores now and then send the Dec scores later, or should I wait to see the scores first(Nov 22nd) and then choose whether or not to send. It's probably $11 or $10.something for each SAT II score.</p>

<p>If you designate a college to automatically receive scores (your free sends), you have to send all scores from the applicable test date. If you do not designate colleges as free sends and wait until after scores come out to order a send to a college, you will be able to delete any one or more of the scores from the test date when you order the send, but you will have to pay $10.50 per college to make the send.</p>

<p>If you are applying to colleges that require you to send all SAT and SAT II scores, you may as well use your free sends for both test dates because you have to send all scores regardless of what they are. If the colleges accept score choice you can wait to order a send until after scores come out in relationtoeither test date but be prepared to spend the $10.50 per college if you do so.</p>

<p>I guees I should wait then</p>