Need advice to pick up slack after rough 1st nine weeks

<p>Well started this junior year with 1 A, 4 B's, and 2 C's. Really rough start. Freshman year my GPA was 3.1 uw and 3.25 w, and sophomore year it was 3.4 uw and 3.56 w. Combining freshman and sophomore year it is 3.24 w and 3.4 w. Now Pitt Seems like a reach, I'd be happy going to any 4 year college at this point. Looking at Duquesne University now. Right now empasis is to bring C in Gym to an A. Did not study for a written Gym test and that killed my grade, but will bring that to an A. Also that high C in spanish I will bring to an B. Got a 89 in history and will try to bring that to A. Next semester have 2 easy A electives and another history class as well. I am getting really nervous, any advice and tips would be really appreciated.</p>

<p>How do my chances look for Duquesne University and what I need to do to get in there? Going to take SAT in January and May of this year. I take all regular classes except honors in math and science, and interested in pharmacy, medicine, physical therapy, basically health care route.</p>



<p>Ok seriously? You’re in the wrong thread. Go see if there is a Duquesne thread and ask there. Or just check what their admission statistics are online (I know Collegeboard has them).</p>

<p>AwesomeOpossum - Duquesne threads there is hardly anybody on to answer questions</p>

<p>I mean, that’s unfortunate, but this is a Pitt thread. Like I said, check out Collegeboard for admission stats and try asking Duquesne OAFA for more help-- see if they can hook you up with a student there who could be way more helpful than anyone here.</p>