Need advice

Hi everyone, I attend a community college where I live(NY), and I’m thinking of transferring out after this semester. I currently have a 3.3 gpa from the fall semester, I’m trying to either get the same gpa or try my best to get a 3.5. Last semester I took one remedial course, and 3 college credit classes, this semester is exactly the same. I currently have 8 credits, I will have 18 credits once I finish this semester, I know that I have to send out my hs transcripts and sat scores because I won’t have a total of 24 credits(I also searched up that if you have 24 credits or more you don’t need to send your hs transcripts or sat) the problem is that my hs gpa was around a 2.6 and my sat score was a 980. I don’t know if I should transfer out after this semester, but due to my low stats from high school my chances of getting accepted to a 4 year school could be slim to none? Should I stick it out another semester then transfer next spring? Or just graduate and get my AA then transfer? Also I will be 21 getting my AA and I am dorming after I finish in CC(my bday is in august I will be 22 by then) is that a weird age to be entering the dorm rooms?

The more college units you have, the less they will look at your high school transcript. Hell, some of them don’t even ask for your HS transcript if you have enough units. It’s the same boat I was in. I graduated HS with a 2.35 GPA and I applied to transfer with 41 completed units. BTW if you’re thinking about applying to transfer right now - you’ve missed the dates for a few schools already.

I was thinking of transferring out now but I don’t have enough credits so I’m thinking of staying another semester at home and then transfer but idk yet

I think you’ll have better chances the more you distance yourself from high school.

Thank you! But if I transfer out spring 2018 is that kind of weird?

Couldn’t really say, but I don’t see why it needs to be weird. You should check if the schools (and specifically the program) you’re interested in allows spring transfers. Some programs/schools only want fall transfers.

Most schools have dorms especially for upperclassmen, so you would be with somewhat older students. At some schools though, competition for those dorm spots is high and no t guaranteed.