Need Advice

I’ve been on CC for sometime now and it gives the best advice,so here goes…
I’m from India and I’ve applied to a lot of colleges.
Right now I’ve been rejected from Brown,UCLA and UCSB. Deferred from Umich and UVA. Waitlisted from Emory,Virginia tech and UCSD.
I haven;t got a single acceptance and I’m freaking out. I graduated in 2020 and I’m applying after a gap year. This is literally my last chance.
I need to hear back from USC,UNC Chapel hill, CMC,Pomona and NYU. They all seem like reach schools at the moment, so can someone please advice me on what I should do now? Are any admissions still open? Should I wait it out?
I’m completely freaking out and would really be thankful for any sort of advice.

from one Indian to another,I can understand why you’re scared but I’m pretty clueless about the admission process my self. However, a few like @sushiritto, @Knowsstuff and @Gumbymom seem to know a lot. Maybe they could help you.

Do you need financial aid ?
That’s going to be a factor everywhere but nyu, which “gaps” most if not all admitted students.
For now you need to wait it out. In May there’ll be a list of colleges that miscalculated yield.
If you don’t need financial aid there’s still time to apply to UArizona and Penn State but odds aren’t good especially for competitive majors.

Hey! Fellow Indian here. I understand what your going through and it’s really hard to predict anyhting this year ( I got rejected from UCI UCSB and UCD to get into UCSD and WL UCLA so… ?) You may or may not get into those schools. I really suggest applying to ASU asap as a safety. They give AMAZING merit aid, and is a fantastic school. Hope for the best, but this year is hella competitive given test optional policies, less ECs etc etc and gauging chances is a gamble.

No, I actually won a scholarship so I do not require any financial aid.What does NYU ‘gaps’ students mean?
And also very confused about miscalculated yield? What is that and how will it help me ?
Thanks so much for responding tho

Hii…always glad to hear from an Indian.
ASU is Arizona State University right? Are admissions still open? My major is Neuroscience, so it may be very popular and competitive major…
Anyway I’ll check right now and apply.
I need to have a safety university, right now I have none.


Yes they are! They are open until May 1st, I think but the sooner you apply, the better. It may be competitive but ASU does have a 85% acceptance rate so you should be able to get int. Good luck:)

Come May there will be a long list of colleges that didn’t enroll enough students (miscalculated yield) and will reopen applications. Usually there are some pretty good schools on that list.

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If you were actually competitive to those schools then look at Iowa or Iowa State. Usually an easier admittance but both good schools. You can look at UIC in Chicago also the advice above so not to repeat.

There’s a recent thread that you may find helpful. There’s a short list of some really good state schools that are still accepting apps. If my memory is correct, I recall Arizona (which someone here mentioned), Alabama, Rutgers, Pitt mentioned in the thread. Also the SUNY system on a school-by-school basis. Good luck!

"Nyu “gaps” " means there’s a gap between the financial aid they offer and the aid you need. So, imagine they cost 75k and you can afford 30k, they offer a scholarship for 30k which is like offering nothing since you can’t “bridge that gap”.

Miscalculated yield: they thought more among their admitted students would choose them. As a result, they dont have enough admits. It happens when the yield management officers and software cannot take into account unpredictable criteria (from students suddenly fancying a major or a place, to…a pandemic).

You may also want to look into University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB).

From UAB website it appears they have extended deadlines for applications and scholarships to June 1. Their health/medical related programs are decent due to associations with the medical center and medical school there.

My D is interested in BME with neuro focus. She’s been admitted to UNC, ASU and UAB. She will likely chose UNC or ASU, but found the people at UAB personable.

Great, I’ll make sure I apply as soon as I can

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Great thanks. Hopefully I’ll be accepted in from the waitlists in May due to the miscalculated yield.

I did see that thread but to be honest, his stats scared me off it :joy:
I’ll make it a point to look at all these universities and begin applying right away

Indians have these horror stories about shootings in Chicago. There’s no way my parents will let me apply anywhere near it because legit everyone here thinks it’s very dangerous.

After May 1st there’s a list of schools with empty seats. It’s usually a long list with some pretty good schools.

@MYOS1634 what is the difference between “gaps” and “doesn’t meet full need” (which nyu is clear is the case)? Is it just another term for the same thing or is there something else intended by the use of that term? NYU is need aware for internationals too. Though if OP has a full external scholarship as sounds the case this doesn’t ultimately matter.

OP, I am somewhat unclear - your initial post seems to list all reach schools, with the possible exception of VTech - were those the only ones you applied to? Did you apply to any Indian (or British, or other) universities?

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Well, I live here and there’s crime everywhere even the nice suburbs I work in.