need advice

<p>Im a high school junior and not sure what decision to make.
I know usna looks for what you have commited in rather than doing 10 different activites.
Ive done 2 years of JROTC so far. My junior year, the only way i can get jrotc 3 is if i drop my college us history course. Now here is my options</p>

<p>Switch out of my history class and take rotc. I will not have any history cource this year (junior year)
Now my counselor said i can take this college history course next year when im a senior. So in the end i will have 4 years of rotc which shows commitment and i will have that academic class. </p>

<p>It seems like a good choice to just do rotc now and take that history class my senior year but the only thing im worried about is this.</p>

<p>If i take rotc, i will not have any history class my whole junior year. I will be taking 2 history courses next year as a senior. I am applying to the nass and the naval academy but when they see my record and they see no history im worried what they will think? Is there any way i can tell them i am going to take that college history as well as another history class my senior year?</p>

<p>So any input on which decision i should make would be appreciated. I have until thursday.</p>

<p>JROTC may carry more weight in the long run, but keeping up with a stong academic program is just as important.
If you take global history along the way that should be fine-
more importantly, make sure you stay on track with math, science and english lit-
taking calc would be a good thing, along with chem and physics in the sciences.</p>

<p>To be sure, talk to your BGO and gain their input. Also- be sure to check the requirements for other schools to which you will be applying, and do what will make you as well rounded for those programs as well. Lastly, see if you can take the history over the summer months- just a thought.</p>

<p>yes, that is a good option. The history class is a class offered at the community college down the road and i could take it this summer.</p>