Need Advice!

<p>Hi everyone we are looking for some advice on how to proceed with our D's offer from D1 school for soccer. She received an email from the coach of her top choice school. She was offered a roster spot for the 2011 season not a walk on spot. The problem is with the financial offer,they are not offering anything the first year athletically,this could increase going forward. D did qualify for 30% merit scholarship. It is a very expensive private LAC school.We told her she should be very proud of her achievement of being offered a spot on the team. How should we respond to the coach without totally shutting the door. School only has 6 scholarships for whole program,so money is tight there. D has other schools in play also. D only Jr with more showcases to attend. Thanks joekel</p>

<p>You need to read the NCAA guidelines and get her in the clearinghouse</p>

<p>Are they offering here a verbal?</p>

<p>Did she verbal?</p>

<p>Have they seen her transcript and SAT scores yet?</p>

<p>Did you have a FinAid pre-read--already???</p>

<p>Yes she is in clearing house. The offer was just verbal and they have her transcript with SATs Academically she is fine no problem with acceptence. Yes on FinAid prequalify,= Loans. state public school still in play along with out of state public school no offers yet both D1. We are looking at costs. Just trying to figure out way to answer without losing the opportunity. D wants to keep the possibility open. We have no problem with the school or the soccer program just trying to keep cost down.</p>

<p>Is this your daughter's first choice, as far as where she'd like to be going to school, the team and coach she'd like to be with, and so on? If yes, then the answer is easy! If not, I would tell the coach she is happy about the opportunity being presented but that she has some thinking to do. July 1st will open many more doors...</p>

<p>You can always ask the coach where she is on his recruiting list. If she is #1, then this offer is not likely to go away. It's so hard to know if a coach is being dead honest with you. What if he says "she's on the bubble" and makes you feel like the offer will go away if you don't jump on it? This is where our ability to advise you falls apart. Only you can figure out if you believe what he says- track record means a lot. Do you know other kids who are on the team and what their process was? Was this coach patient while they looked at other programs? Can you ask if there is a date by which he needs a response from you? Obviously you want this offer to stand as long as possible while you weigh everything. It's OK to say this to the coach. He will try to lock in as many of his top recruits as possible, as early as possible. Be honest with him- if this school is in her top 3, you can say that. He will feel like his chances are good, and if she's the athlete he wants, he will wait. Keep the lines of communication open. If he says, "I've signed all the spots I have except yours" that will speed things along and you may need to make a quick decision, but do not rush into anything, if any part of this (the money, the coach, the school, the location, the league, etc) doesn't sound just right.</p>

<p>The school is in D's top 3. was told by coach they are bringing in 5 girls for 2011 and D is 1 of them.D also had a long meeting with coach, the coach explained where they envision D playing and how they would use her skills it was a very positive meeting. D did an unoffical overnight that went well too. We will see the coach at a showcase this weekend. Thanks for the advice</p>