Need advice

<p>Hey guys I'll be a freshman next year and I applied to engineering, but ever since I really regret my decision and I want to switch out and do something else (econ, political science, something like that). i called and they said that you can do an internal transfer, but you must do engineering the first semester.</p>

<p>I have heard about how hard engineering is and I am kinda getting worried, but I want to know whether it is really that hard first semester. what would an average gpa be for the first semester of an engineering major?</p>

<p>also something else, how difficult would it be to balance an on campus job with all the school work?</p>

<p>any advice much appreciated
thank you</p>

<p>How difficult your first semester is going to depend on what classes you are planning to take. Also, you are not affiliated with any major yet since you are an incoming freshman. Maybe someone else can confirm this or correct this: you are free to take any classes you want, in fact take math, econ, or anything with reasons: you can use them as your liberal studies if someone in the engineering registrar asks you why you take those classes instead of math, physics, cs, etc.</p>

<p>But make sure you wouldn't regret this decision since engineering is pretty strict in terms of schedules per semester, so if you don't take certain classes, you might not be able to take more advanced classes, which means you might end up staying for another semester/year if you choose to stick with engineering in the end.</p>

<p>On-campus job and school work: How you manage them is the real question here. I know some of on-campus jobs are pretty flexible, so you can make your own schedule. Good luck!</p>

<p>I've heard that your chance of a successful internal transfer is increased if you demonstrate success in the major/department you want to eventually transfer into. So if you want to I.T. into econ, you should take some econ classes in CAS and do really well in them.</p>