Need ammunition for Harvard

<p>We all know beyond a shadow of doubt that Yale is the best school in god's green Earth. Unfortunately you always find disbelievers who think that because Harvard is mentioned more on TV that it is better. Please give me ammunition to let people know that Harvard is just overrated.</p>

<p>You can always reply that you see plenty of asses on is harvard any different?</p>

<p>What is the difference between Harvard or Yale? They are both great institutions.</p>

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need I say more?</p>

<p>Ok fine. We all love Yale (even though Yale may not love us). And don't think I'm saying this because I didn't get in; I thought this before too. Really, when you look at Harvard and Yale - they are VERY VERY similar. </p>

<p>Residential colleges (Y) = residential houses (H)
Amazing classes (Y) = Amazing classes (H)
Proximity to NYC (Y) = Proximity to Boston (H) ....ok, Harvard wins a bit on this one I think?</p>

<p>But really, both GREAT schools - if only they'd admit people like me</p>

<p>Yale's architecture is far superior. Tell them that; if they don't see your point, they are uncultured morons. :)</p>

<p>No, really, Harvard is an excellent school - Yale just happens to be a little better. Tell them to look into the two schools' mottos: Harvard is, quite simply, in the dark.</p>

<p>And finally, for a more realistic point, tell them that Yale's emphasis on undergraduate education (despite Harvard's insistence that it always be referred to as Harvard College, from what I've seen) sets it apart from Harvard, where one can be lost in the crowd a bit more easily.</p>

<p>I visited both schools in the span of 1 week, and Yale seemed to be much more of a welcoming environment than Harvard. I felt that at Yale the professors seemed to care more about you and that at Harvard no one was going to motivate you or force you to do anything. I think you have to be EXTREMELY self-driven if you want to go Harvard undergrad. Yale also seemed to have more of a focus on undergrad studies and less elitism than at Harvard. I'm sure both places would be incredible to attend, but Yale just seemed more of my speed.</p>

<p>Or maybe it's because I had a wonderful tour guide at Yale and a not-so-great one at Harvard...</p>

<p>flip a coin and call yourself lucky, lol, that's my motto :)</p>

<p>yeah, ivyboy adding to your list:</p>

<p>gives two ****s about the undergrads (Y) = professors there to research and be at hahvahd (H)... yale takes the cake on this one.</p>

<p>and i agree on the architecture point - i've spent four years on a stunning gothic revival campus which makes me spoiled and the harvard campus an eyesore ;)</p>

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<p>What is Yale if not Achilles, a tragic hero of incredible greatness, a being so close and yet so far?</p>

<p>We perceive our awesome dominance over (almost) all else, but humbly recognize the existence of One above us.... It's the tragedy of human existence, and the sooner we can appreciate it, in Yale and in ourselves, the better off we will be. And if not, we can always look down on Princeton.</p>

<p>Ah screw it. Yale is still better in my book.
I love you, Yale.</p>

<p>From the article:</p>

<p>"It simply results from the fact that the world sees Harvard as better than Yale because Harvard was here first. We can debate each institution's relative scholarship or the success of its alumni or a million other factors, but this would be silly. No number of Yalies in the Oval Office will change the fact that we were established 65 years too late."</p>

<p>There has to be more to it than simply being older. William & Mary is older than Yale too, but no one fancies that W&M is anywhere near the same league as H and Y.</p>

<p>that's cuz W&M is a 4 year college and not a university. but yea i agree with coureur, y exactly does Harvard have more prestige than Yale?</p>

<p>Harvard's prestige is self-propagating, so much so that no one really knows anymore why it's considered more prestigious among the general public. For example, TV news shows will invite Harvard professors on their show b/c they're from Harvard. Many of the very research-oriented professors go to Harvard, which is why you always see Harvard Medical School in the news for some ground-breaking research. Everyone just <em>knows</em> that Harvard is the best school, even though that's pretty much baseless.</p>

<p>Well, certainly "Hahvahd" sounds more snobbish...people are impressed by snobbery.</p>

<p>luckily, it doesn't matter, because yale is still better and anyone who knows anything about the schools knows it!
here's a typical argument in world religions between my professor (a harvard graduate) and me:
me: harvard sucks!
brendy: does not! you aren't going to get shot at harvard!
me: or at new haven, either! it's beautiful! and the architecture at harvard is ugly
brendy: <em>laugh</em> yeah, only some of the most respected in the world!
me: yeah but yale puts its undergrads first and harvard doesn't give two ****s about them!
brendy: ... back to the eight-fold path!</p>

<p>It is pretty revealing that people like some of the prior posters feel compelled to use the cliche sneer "Hahvahd" - telling us, quite obviously, that those using it feel inferior in some way. A classic case of projecting arrogance and false pride as presumed "Hahvahd" characteristics (as opposed to the presumed "down to earth" quality of the critics), in order to rationalize the allegedly unjustified superiority of the rival.</p>

<p>Like the Yale Daily News says, Yalies should just "get over it" and look down at Princeton, if necessary, to make themselves feel better.</p>

<p>Hey here's an idea! Let's stop being A-holes to each other. Believe it or not, this bickering about whether Yale or Harvard is the better school will change absolutely nothing. Crazy right?</p>

<p>You are correct. Harvard and Yale's relative standing on the academic food chain are of long standing and are essentially immutable.</p>

<p>Why do Yalies feel the constant need to put down Harvard? I hardly ever see people on the Harvard board attacking Yale, or other excellent schools.</p>

<p>The rankings don't matter, people. Both schools are excellent. Anyone ought to be happy to attend either.</p>

<p>If you all love Yale as much as you say you do, and if you think it is the best school in the country, then you don't need to insult any other schools to show it. You should be secure in knowing for yourself that your school is the best for you.</p>

<p>Personally, any disses you guys make about Harvard do not change my opinion because I have already decided that Harvard is the ideal place for me. Likewise, any disses someone makes about Yale (such as ranking it #2 instead of #1) should not discourage your decision.</p>