Need-blind colleges

<p>I am an American citizen living in India. I want to apply to some need-blind colleges for Fall 2008. But do all these colleges require extremely high GPAs in high school? I am asking this because my 10th grade GPA is quite low. The 11th grade GPA is good and the SAT score is alright as well (2250 with math800, Reading760). But I doubt whether that could compensate for the low GPA in 10th grade. Is there any need-blind college that might accept me?</p>

<p>Really can't comment unless you tell us your GPA. Your SAT score is quite good, and as a fellow American who lived abroad, I can tell you that it is definitely perceived as a hook (just write a good essay about your experience).</p>

<p>My school system is not American and don't have the GPA system. When I said that I ahd a low GPA in 10th grade, I meant mediocre marks. But I have no idea about how it will be converted to a GPA for admission purposes. The 11th grade school, on the other hand, gives grades and I have managed to get A's. But when the GPA (or marks) is from a non-American system, is it that important?
The extra curriculars are alright (indian equivalent of the USAMO (math olympiad), selection for a couple of national graduate math seminars, etc) but not outstanding (i.e. I have not been part of any international contest).
One of the recommendations I as sending (from a university mathematics professor) will be good, but I am not that sure about the one from the high school (though it won't make my chances even weaker). I want to get into any college that is **need-blind **for citizens since financial aid is the chief concern. Do I have any chances for getting into any of them?</p>