Need cash from GW

<p>Alright, so TBH, I think I'm probably in at GW, and it's one of my higher choice schools.</p>

<p>34 ACT
760 SAT II Literature
Top 10% of class (about 30/380)
4.1 weighted GPA (out of 4.8)
Great ECs
Great essays
Great recs

<p>It's not really a safety in the sense that it's still a very prestigious school, but I'm not worried about getting in. I actually applied to the honors program, and that's iffy, but I'd still like to go if I got into the college.</p>

<p>The problem lies in the fact that, based on their financial aid calculator, I'd have to come up with something like $28k per year, which is preposterous given that my family income is something like $60k/year. My parents refuse to let me take out more than $7k/year in loans, so what on earth am I supposed to do?</p>

<p>Have you tried asking at the parents forum here? They may have a better idea of what to do with financial matters. IF you do get in--GW's notorious for accepting ppl with lower stats and rejecting those with higher--you might still be able to get more aid. I got a scholarship that came with my acceptance, and then after more reviewing in April I got more aid. Also, if you're from DC youqualify for the full ride scholarship.</p>

<p>I wish I was from DC, but unfortunately, I'm not. That's probably why it's so expensive for everyone else. :/</p>

<p>And hopefully my somewhat lackluster class rank will satisfy their "not perfect" requirement.</p>