Need class for fall and transfer question

<p>So, DS didn't bother to register for a full schedule in the fall and he still needs a 100 level humanities/fine arts class and he tells me that everything is full? He has tried just putting in random classes and nothing. Is there anyone that he can call at the school to help him that can "see" all the open and/or waitlist classes? He claims not to know and that he should just wait until he gets there in August - ugh.</p>

<p>Also, he is taking a summer course here in IL that can transfer, but the question is how? He did the part where you confirm that you are taking a comparable class, but I'm thinking there is a little more to it...?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance,

<p>PS Mom2ck - if you read this, the show House Hunters just profiled Huntsville. It looks like a nice place and they mentioned that stat about PhDs and engineers.</p>

<p>mus 121 - not sure if it is full or not. just checked there is room in one class.</p>

<p>does he have an advisor?</p>

<p>finding classes is a bit of a challenge if you don't know what you are looking for.</p>

<p>Too Realistic: Regarding the summer class, once it is complete, have the school forward the transcript to Alabama. My son elected to take two classes that meet his core requirements. In August, he will request that the transcript be sent to UA.</p>

<p>As for his humanities/fine arts class, does he absolutely need one or can he chose another class -- perhaps one that will meet another requirement or in his major interest? Right now, he may not be able to put in a class if there is no session of Bama Bound going on. That's when students have access to schedule changes.</p>

<p>The next Bama Bound is July 8-9.</p>

<p>The following are the classes listed under the humanities tab... </p>

<p>The</a> Office of The University Registrar - The University of Alabama</p>

<p>MikeW - wow! that class would have been great, but he already has MWF 8-10 fiull with 2 other classes : (</p>

<p>As to the advisor, he claims that he has met with 4 different people iin his 1st 2 semesters, so does not feel "connected" to any one person.</p>

<p>Finding classes is hard - you can't just "look" at everything, you have to pick over and over again. Why was he such a doofus?</p>

<p>Momreads - He is trying to finish the last of his pre-reqs in the business school (stats, Law, and accounting) and his last gen ed credit. He can't really take anything in his major until those other 3 classes are done and he's worried that they will be really hard and was looking for a more mellow class to round out the schedule. Because of AP credits, he is almost a Jr who is really only starting his sophmore year.
Also, I will tell him to get online during the 8 & 9th - thanks for the info~</p>

<p>I recommend TCF 112 (Motion Picture History) though there is a good amount of reading involved and the class is usually in the evening. To search multiple subjects at once, click the first one and hold the control (Ctrl) key as you click on other ones in the list that you want to look at. </p>

<p>It is true that those three classes must be taken before he moves on to the upper division. As for course difficulty, it really depends on the student and who is teaching the course. Rate my professor is usually accurate in my experience.</p>

<p>Yes, check at the end of the day (after 3pm CST) on Day 1 of the next Bama Bound and again the next morning on Day 2 of the next Bama Bound. There should be some open classes.</p>

<p>So, have some classes in mind and look them up on July 8 & 9....and do it again for the next Bama Bound (if needed).</p>