Need College recommendations, along with tips

<p>Okay, well let me just say I really bombed on my SATs...
It was my first time taking them and all I got was:

<p>Pitiful, I know (It hurts too, since my GPA is 9/10). That's why I've been trying to rack up as many impressive things as I can.
I took AP U.S. History this year and got a 3, also got a 560 on my U.S. History SAT IIs. I also took a spanish SAT II, on which I got an 800. I really wasn't expecting an 800, but it's understandeable seeing as I live in Mexico (I'm a Mexican/American citizen) and have been speaking it for ages. Almost since birth in fact.
But I digress, this year I'm going to be submitting an AP Art portfolio (if you wish to see some of my work you can at: <a href=""&gt;;/a>, am taking AP English literature, AP Spanish Literature (I think... Or is it AP Spanish?), Honors Physics, AP Calculus (Maybe) and am apparently an honorary member of the National Honor Society.
So yes, as you can see I'm trying my best to make up for my pitiful SAT scores with as many dificult things as I can possibly handle (or take at my school), however, this puts me in a rather difficult position since I really need to start thinking about what colleges I want to get into. Before I had recieved my SAT scores my list was:</p>

<p>-Harvard (I sorta always knew I'd never have a chance in hell...)
-Tufts University
-Bard College
-Boston College
-Boston University
-Amherst College</p>

<p>As you can see most of, if not all, my list is made of reach colleges (Bard's probably my "best" chance at the moment, since it has no SAT requirements). Which, again, puts me in a difficult position seeing as with my scores I have no chance into these schools (unless some of you guys tell me otherwise... Which I doubt you will...).</p>

<p>So, basically my question is, can anyone recommend some good schools that I should consider applying to?</p>

<p>Also, if anyone could give me some tips or studying tricks or whatever for the October SATs that would be great. =)</p>

<p>EDIT: By the way, I just thought that I should add that I wish to study art and medicine. =)</p>

<p>ah, what type of location would you like for a school, size, atmosphere, etc? You need to tell us what you want in a school before we can give accurate recommendations.</p>

<p>SAT tips????</p>

<p>waffle house. no joke, brought me up from a 2010 to a 2180.</p>

<p>edit:well, if they havve waffle house in Mexico, im not sure. Just eat a good breakfast without a lot of sugar and whatnot. Also use the bathroom before any standardized test, both number 1 and number 2.</p>

<p>Um.. art school, why not try some small liberal art like Bryn Mawr College? All of the colleges you have listed are reaches.
Safety: Your state universities, which ever has the best art department. Please specify what kind of art do you want to study, art history, painting, sculpturing, or drawing? A lot of my friends with your status are going to art schools.</p>

<p>there are some fantastic schools that don't require the SAT
The</a> National Center for Fair & Open Testing | FairTest</p>

<p>Anywhere in the U.S. is fine I suppose, though I would prefer locations within the east coast (preferably the north-east).
I want a place with seasonal changes, here in Pto. Vallarta all we have is summer. =(</p>

<p>I don't live in a U.S. state, and really don't want to go to school here in Mexico since, apart from the wages being terrible, I hate the climate.</p>

<p>Also, I don't want to go to art school EXACTLY. I want to go to a school that's strong in art and science, that way I could, apart from furthering my art skills, get some good preparation for the MCATS and learn stuff thaat would make me more prepared for a career in Medicine. =(</p>

<p>God, I hate standardized testing...</p>

<p>Dragon, my rec for you would be to look at some of the schools that do not require submission of SAT. Bard is a good choice, and there is a list of other schools that are also optional for the test. A smaller school that can help you focus on the premed curriculum, yet offer some great art opportunities is a good bet for you. Bear in mind that MCATs are very important to get into medical school so the test situation will have to be rectified. You do have good grades, and I think if you find a small, caring school you will do well. What is the financial situation regarding college costs? That can make a difference in your choices as well.</p>

<p>dragon, for good studio art plus good academics look at Connecticut College, Skidmore, Hamilton. Kenyon in Ohio. Wesleyan and Williams are also good but only if you get those scores up a bit. </p>

<p>What does 9/10 gpa equate to on a 4 point scale? What's your rank?</p>

<p>Being a Hispanic/American will be a positive at many colleges, especially those that need to actively recruit Hispanics to increase their diversity percentages. Generally speaking, these tend to be non-urban colleges or schools located in the mid-west. Some good choices, so don't eliminate based on location.</p>

<p>I think art talent can be a good hook -- especially along with an ethnic hook. I'm not sure how to interpret your academic standing. SATs are not necessarily deal breakers but you do need to compensate in some other area.</p>

<p>Wake Forest and Holy Cross do not require SAT scores and are both superb schools. Take the SAT in October and see how you do. There is a science to taking the exam. DONT spend too much time on the directions for one. Dont spend too much time on ONE question. If you dont get it, move on and come back to it later. NOT finishing harms your score bigtime. The difference between a 1400 and a 1200 isnt that many questions so DONT freak out about it. Relax. Get a prep book and review what you can. Be like a laser beam...focused and determined, but not FRENETIC. </p>

<p>Sleep well, eat well and then take the exam. If you improve, great. If not, dont worry about it.</p>

<p>LOTS of colleges take kids with good, but not stellar SAT's. Get Barrons or Petersens Directory of US colleges (3,000 colleges) and start previewing them by state. You will be fine. The SAT is NOT what its cracked up to be. Some people are good at them and some people are not.</p>

<p>Let us know in the fall how you do and we can recommend some more colleges. Good luck. DO YOUR HOMEWORK on colleges now.</p>

<p>Also the Savannah School of Art and Design is very prestigious and is a FABULOUS school in a very attractive setting: Savannah Georgia.</p>

<p>Colorado College, too.</p>

<p>Besides Holy Cross and Wake Forest, Bowdoin and Bates are also superb liberal arts and do not require SATs. Wake Forest and Holy Cross have division 1 sports.</p>

<p>Well, apparently 9/10 is the equivalent to a 3.5 GPA. Not bad, right?</p>

<p>As for my financial situation. Well, it's really not great. I guess I could get by somehow for any situation, but not without getting in debt (but debts are normal for college students, aren't they?). My parents are really hoping I get a good scholarship, but with my scores that may not be possible.</p>