Need college suggestions?? pleasee

<p>while i've looked at many colleges, I can't seem to find any that fit what i'm looking for... stats aside, colleges that might fit what i'm looking for? (preferably not super selective) </p>

<p>-mid size (ish)
-smallish classes
-neuroscience major
-strong community
-college town/city
-fun social/party scene
-good art program is a bonus
-pretty campus
-school spirit
-greek life</p>

<p>thank youu</p>

<p>Cost is not a factor??? It should be. Look in-state first.</p>

<p>@"aunt bea"‌
cost isn’t a factor</p>

<p>Stats are a factor in a number of colleges and universities. What’s your major?</p>

<p>@"aunt bea"‌
planning on neuroscience,
i’m aware stats are a factor, but just wanted to see what kinds of schools would fit what i’m looking for</p>

<p>Can’t believe there aren’t more replies! This girl needs help!! </p>

<p>can’t believe you are so naive as to think we can come up with schools to fit your needs when we don’t know your stats or financial status. just sayin’. I know a lot about neuroscience programs having just done a national search, but what would be the point if you leave out criteria two and one? </p>

:frowning: </p>

<p>Cost is not an issue. </p>

<p>gpa 3.3, SAT 1880</p>

<p>Your stats will limit where you can get in, so you need to first look at your in-state colleges for safeties. </p>

<p>You haven’t mentioned what state you are in and that affects how people will respond to your post. You want a mid size college with a greek culture and college town. The colleges I’ve seen with a decent greek culture are usually bigger than mid-size. </p>

<p>If you’re in California, raise your grades and SAT scores in order to get into: Sonoma State, Mills College, Santa Clara University, Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine, and Chapman Univ. CSU Bakersfield, CSU Channel Islands. </p>

<p>Yes, i am in California
Thank you, those are helpful… any out of state suggestions? </p>

<p>I’m very unfamiliar with OOS, but Texas and NY have some cool schools.</p>

<p>UC Davis sounds perfect for you; DD attends there and loves it! It feels like an OOS school and it is an “aggie” school. </p>

<p>It is a large and beautiful campus and the students run the bus system; there are 40K bikes on-campus as well as off-campus! It is a very picturesque college town. </p>

<p>Huge greek system and the Mondavi (wine) company has paid for a huge arts center.
Very school-spirited atmosphere.<br>
Very Californian and green. It’s not like Berkeley where the town doesn’t want franchisees. It has lots of eating options (franchises and Mom and Pop places) that you can use with your Davis card.
The DD is in the NPB major (Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavioral Sciences). It’s a relatively new major.
You need to visit it because you will be pleasantly surprised. It is 9 hours away from us, but we put the dd on Southwest for $69 if we book early.</p>

<p>Your GPA, however, is limiting your admittance there. It has become extremely competitive to get into Davis, but you may want to go for it.
The Scripps Colleges are also an option for you since money is not a factor.
Look at USD and Pt. Loma Nazarene (but these schools don’t really have large greek systems and aren’t college towns). </p>

<p>assuming a Math SAT of 620 minimum: UArizona, Brandeis, Case Western (reach), Colgate (reach), Connecticut College, Fordham, Hampshire, Kenyon (reach), Lehigh, Miami (OH), Ohio U, UPittsburgh, URichmond, URochester (reach), RPI (reach), Rutgers, Skidmore, Smith, St. Olaf, Stonehill, Syracuse, Temple, Tulane, Vassar (reach), and Vermont. There are other programs in neuroscience but these seemed to be the ones for which you had a chance. Some, like Tulane and Colgate, will want to see demonstrated interest. Your full-pay ability will be of interest to many schools.</p>

<p>I have not focused on southern schools because outside of the big names (Emory, Duke, Tulane) I wasn’t interested in southern schools. In the south, more often neuroscience is called cognitive behavior/science/something, and I was interested in programs that leaned more heavily on biology than psychology. Sometimes programs (this is not specific to the south) are called biopsychology or brain and behavior/xyz. </p>