need deperated help for academic decathalon (speech)

<p>ok. I have no idea what to write. none. Do I just pick some topic I want to talk aobut for 3 or 4 minutes? can anyone give any tips bout this competition?</p>


<p>or not. :-P</p>

<p>boy my jokes suck</p>

<p>hah that's why i dropped acadeca ^_^</p>

<p>bump cuz I'm desperate</p>

<p>wat is this whole academic decathlon thing? speech?...i wud luv to do that..but how?...cud u gimme some info?..vtran?</p>

<p>academic decathalon is a series of tests in speech, interview, economics, art, music, social studies, math, and english, and a subject that chagnes every year.. Each year there is a particular theme: this years is the Ancient world ( Greece, rome, egypt, etc). We are studying classical music, 3 plays by sophocles, astronomy, and other stuff. It's supposed to be hellishly hard and takes a lot of time to study. Your school may be involved in academic decathalon. if doing lots of studying is your idea of fun, then you might wnat to ask a teacher or councelor about this.</p>


<p>ahhh. my team concentrates heavily on the speech. it's really not as difficult as some of the other events. you can talk about anything you want, but use the same guidelines you would use for a... college application essay. our advisors usually want something emotional, but it's not necessary. one girl from our team wrote this hilarious speech on being blond and won a medal. another guy wrote about love (familial). it varies. generally, just don't write something boring: if it includes too many facts, it drags. the winners' speeches usually include places where they can be, uh, dramatic!</p>

<p>the fun part, of course, is the impromptu speeches. i dunno if your area has these or not, but it took me a long time to get used to thinking on my feet (or a minute and thirty seconds worth of thinking at least). </p>

<p>anyway, did ya read sophocles yet? what did you thinK?</p>

<p>Watch the movie "cheaters" they show some good ways to get a high score on the decathalon</p>

<p>i read everything but electra. the teach told us to read electra by euripedes. blah . good story but sophocles is different.</p>

<p>I read the otehr two. and I feel sad cuz I really couldn't analyze them. took reading sparknotes to get a good meaning.</p>

<p>lol. yeh, i'm not really used to greek tragedies, but our teacher explained them pretty well so it was okay. i think you'll find that sparknotes probably has similar info to the study guide. good luck with the speech ;-)</p>

<p>vtran, where are you from?
o yeah, and on the speech, either give something you're passionate about, something funny, or lie! as long as you "deliver it" well, the content could be almost anything. trust me on this, as last year our team had two 1000's and one 997 points speeches (and we only had 6 people on the team!)</p>

<p>I;m from midland, texas.</p>

<p>and I seriously need to study. one week to practice meet. I want to do well on social studies nad spent a lot of time studying music (nrever took a music class in high school). all very interesting(until it gets mundane) I think astronomy is one of the few sciences that bore me</p>

<p>cool. i'm from orange county, ca. my weakest subject is social studies and super quiz. everything else is going well. social studies is just so overwhelming with all we have to cover.</p>

<p>VTran I'm from South Grand Prairie! Are you goin to the scrimmage at Weatherford I think this saturday?</p>

<p>I'm going to the one in Midland Texas. sweet I don't hve to spend 4ever on a bus! what region of texas R U from laterday? (I'm from west texas).</p>

<p>ha I haven't even looked at the art.</p>

<p>I figured out my speech topic! I'm gonna call it "I'm smarter than you"
basically the speech is gonna talk about how sometimes I (and academic peopel in general) feel ****y a lot of times. gonna relate an experience. then I'm gonna try to do something where i was humbled. the last part I'm not sure about.</p>

<p>now to make it good</p>

<p>grand prairie is right between dallas and fort worth. It borders arlington and mansfield. Maybe we'll compete at state!</p>

<p>ha our team sucks</p>

<p>listen guys..about this academic decathalon....i dont know what this is..even though vtran tried telling me..i still dont get it like an extracurricular compeitition? if yes, then can i like only do speech?..or something like that? it necessary that we have a whole team and focus on various stuff? how does it work! thanks</p>

<p>My speech last year was on a girl who was raped and murdered.</p>

<p>I didn't do too well, but then again i'm not a good speaker, though I thought it was very well written.</p>

<p>we ended up winning state and going to nationals though - great time.</p>