Need discount for Testmasters?

<p>I have a $25 discount for anyone who might want to take Testmasters in the future. It's the SAT prep class that I took my junior year, which helped immensely on the actual test (400 point increase), and it's probably what got me into NYU. I would highly recommended the class to anyone who's thinking about trying a prep class and can afford it. Just keep in mind that your college education is worth it. </p>

<p>The reason I went with Testmasters was because Kaplan and Princeton Review were both too expensive for me, and Testmasters guaranteed free tutorials and free practice sessions right before the SAT exam (but within a 6 month time range from the actual course). </p>

<p>Here's the code for anyone who wants it.</p>

<p>Good luck to you guys on the test!</p>

<p>$25 DISCOUNT: 2670699182</p>

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