Need good matched and safeties

Looking for my son . Wants to stay mainly on east coast , not south of Virginia ( though trying to encourage university of South Carolina ) .
4.1 weighted gpa
3.5 ish unweighted gpa ( they don’t give us that info )
All advanced classes freshman and sophomore year
Junior year schedule ;
Ap English
Ap calculus
Ap physics
Ap is history
iB Spanish 5
Engineering drawing
Criminal justice

Senior year schedule will be
Ap English
Ap government
Ap statistics
Ib Spanish 6
Personal finance
Criminal justice ( wants to go into law enforcement )

Sat 1220 ( tutoring this summer that I hope to bring up to over 1300 but no guarantees )

Nhs member , beta member , key club member , Jv soccer , Jv track … 4h camp counselor for several summers ( great leadership ), local police youth academy participant last summer , volunteer hours .

Wants medium size to large school mainly in urban area , maybe suburban that’s close to city . Would love ideas due matches and safeties that are possibly decent schools . Thank you !!


What does he plan on majoring in?

This program at Drexel might be a good fit for him:

It sounds like he’s good at math, and the Justice Informatics track looks really interesting and would give him a great skill-set. I’m sure they must get really interesting co-op placements.

It’s an urban school and a solid match for his stats with a good chance of merit aid if his test scores come up.

@merc81 funny , that’s where is his brother is starting in the fall. Don’t think he wants to be at same school

@GoCubsGo719 He’s thinking psychology but with a goal of law enforcement .

@aquapt thanks for the info about Drexel . We may need to visit . I know he wants a school with good sports teams , and I know Drexel does not have that but the other things might be more important .


Okay, your son has a 3.5/4.1 and a 1200 (roughly) on the SAT but plans to retake. He wants a larger school with great sports, ideally in an urban or suburban location.

The toughest part there will be the “urban or suburban.” It sounds like your son wants (correct me if I’m misreading) a flagship type school that has D1 sports, and most of these schools are in college towns, not so much cities or suburbs of cities. A lot of OOS flagships could be in play, such as U of S. Carolina, which typically has a competitive football team. U of Alabama would, of course, be a sports fan’s dream, as Bama has dominated college football in a way that hasn’t been seen (when ND was dominant, football was much different from what it is today).

Matches: USC (SCAR), U of Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, UCF, NC State, LSU, Ole Miss, Virginia Tech, Rutgers.

Some of these schools are reachy (VT or even Clemson), so I didn’t list UVA or UNC-CH or the two FL schools (UF and FSU). If your son is open to private schools or non-D1 schools, there’s U of Richmond (the Spiders are usually competitive) or U of DE (Blue Hens!) or U of NH.

George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia has a large Criminal Justice/Police Science major but out-of-state tuition is triple the resident rate. Check out the scholarship offerings if he can increase his SAT to at least 1300.

Ohio State could work. Their criminology programs are part of their sociology department. OSU has the city of Columbus but also Big 10 sports.

@Publisher we live in Virginia . Good recommendation .

@Hapworth thanks for recommendations. Good suggestions. He likes the northeast so our focus will probably be there . Thanks again !

U of MD?