Need Guidance From Mathguys/gals

<p>Here's the deal:New SATI Math 800,PSAT Math 800
Based on input from all you guys I registered for Math IIC, got Barron's and started doing practice tests (do I know how to listen, or what?) After three weeks of practice,tests, reviewing answers and getting input on solutions from Math teacher, it's still kicking my ***. So I decide to take Math IC practice in REAL SATII from college board. In 50 minutes I crack off an 800. So I'm set right? Switch to Math IC, but I don't want to get too cocky and I take another test from Princeton Review Math IC today and I didn't exactly whip off an 800. Kids in our school's Math Curriculum don't do well on the IIC. I know this board has a IIC bias, so that aside, is the Real SAT II I took more like the IC I'd take, or is it more tricky like the Princeton Review Practice Test?
Thanks guys</p>

<p>Why don't you try to IIC in the real SATII's book. Barron's will always and forever kick your ass. Try the IIC and then post the results for each. IIC definately looks better, and some schools (UC's) will no longer accept the IC because it is inferior to IIC. But post your results and we can see from there.</p>

<p>C,mon guys, I know PeteSat and you other Prep geniuses know these books backward and forward. Is the REAL SAT IC too easy,or is it like the typical Ic they use each time...and is the Princeton Review sample test representative of the IC or weirder/harder? Also I have an extreme physical disability, so I get extra time (no jokes here please). Would this play into your decision in choosing?</p>

<p>Um. I got the barrons to prep for IIC. frankly, everything on there is way harder than the real thing--they're all equivalent to the hardest IIC questions, if they appear at all. I'd say memorize the formulas in the back of the book and you're set.</p>

<p>Wow... If you got 800 and 80, you really need to take the IIC. Im not kidding, the Barrons book gives such a poor idea of how well you'll really do, I don't understand how they could even print such a bad book. Get another book (PR, CB, Kaplan) and try thos. You should get 800 on IIC no problem if you got 800 SAT I and 80 PSAT.</p>


<p>OH. and to give you a realistic idea of IIC, if you've taken pre-calculus, IIC felt like my final exam with a few alg and geo problems thrown in.</p>

<p>And it has almost no limits.</p>

<p>But is the Practice Test in REAL Subject Test boook by Collegeboard represnetative of the IC-because that was cake...but maybe its overly easy. You know my confidence is shook now on the IIC stuff and condfidence means a lot.</p>

<p>I have the same situation as you with my New sat math and PSAT scores. I was doing poorly in IIC Barrons. I don't get any wrong, but skip and run out of time. Finally on my 3rd try I got my first 800, but just barely made it.
I hope the actual test is easier.</p>

<p>I am moving on to Chemistry which is really depressing since I have forgotten so much from last year and I am in AP now which doesn't seem to be on the test.</p>

<p>rapguy ... I didn't take IC but I think that the material is extremely easy - the reasons that people don't do well are time constraints and the much-less-than-generous curve.</p>

<p>thanks lavenderdream-since I get the extra time, maybe it will be OK. I just freaked when I got a few wrong on Practice Princeton Review today. Maybe its just one of those days I'm not thinking well. We have kids at our school a lot who get 780+ on SAT I math and then get like 660 or 690 on the IIC. They think it's OK , but from this board I know different. The schools I am applying to don't care if I take IC or IIC.</p>

<p>IIC in barron's is extremely hard, i get a 'very good' with 20 minutes overtime on practice tests</p>

<p>on the real test it's A LOT easier - it was sooo easy i thought i might've accidently flipped to the IC test</p>

<p>i got an 800 easy</p>

<p>Haha. OP, see what we're all saying? Don't get discouraged if you do poorly on Barrons. Everybody does.</p>


<p>I'm not trying to be obtuse, but what's wrong with taking the IC if it's tons easier and the pattern at my school is that kids who do VERY well on SATI-Math, do poorly on IIC?</p>

<p>because the IIC has a way better curve</p>

<p>SAT I Math has very little to do with Math IIC</p>

<p>how do you do the questions fast so you don't run out of time? no matter how much I practice I always run out! I feel like with about 10 more minutes I could do really really well...=/</p>

<p>did you guys have this problem and if so how did you get over it?</p>

<p>The Barron's book kicked my ass also (kept getting 650-700ish) and I neded up with a 780 IIc.</p>

<p>Real SAT II is a much better indicator.</p>

<p>I'd stay stick to the IIc if you're serious about math. Just prep well.</p>

<p>The Barron's book is an awful, awful representation. Take IIC.</p>

<p>IIC has more prestige, and it's easier because of it's larger curve - which will catch any stupid mistakes.</p>

<p>Don't take IC. Seriously. You'll regret it.</p>

<p> my Barrons Math 2 c book it doesn't give a score conversion. It just says 41-50 excellent 31-40 Very good...etc
What's going on man!?</p>

<p>Help me out here. Why will I regret it if I got all correct on the REAL SATIC from Collegeboard in half the time I get? Is the actual test not like their example in the book?</p>