Need Guidance to ISEF?

Hello guys, I have been an ISEF finalist for 3 years and won 2nd place in Grand Award. I have started the science fair independently as I moved to America in 4th grade and had no connection with professors or laboratories. I believe ISEF needs more students who research in their garage, not under professors. I am creating a website in the hope to guide those who are in need of their project. The website is not going to be finished for a very long time as I will put much detail as possible. I hope some of you can find this helpful and if there are any questions, I will be happy to answer it in this forum.

hsresearch weebly com (CC doesn’t allow URL)

Hey! I’m a rising junior hoping to get into ISEF this year. Congrats on being an ISEF finalist, that’s no easy task! I also do not have many connections, and have participated in Science fair before but only made to states. I was wondering if you had any helpful tips to share.

Hi! I tried your link but it doesn’t seem to be working. Do you have any websites where I can seek your guidance?