Need Help! Asap!

<p>I am not sure at which colleges to go to, i have been looking at a few, but want your opinions.
i have a 3.45 gpa, got 510 on reading, 660 on math and 640 on writing in my first sat, my school only offers honors ocurses , so ive been taking those since freshman year, i did basketball in 9th and 11th grade, about 3 clubs in between adn am on my soccer team in the 12th grade. i live in nyc and want to go to college in the north east, within 4hrs of nyc. i am looking for a school that has enginnering and/or computer science majors.
this is my college list, i want more safety schools.
safetes- hofstra
comfort- syracuse, umass-amherst, northeastern
reach- penn state- u park, university od delaware,</p>


<p>You have a pretty good list. You might consider adding Allegheny, Fordham, and RIT. Duquesne and Quinnipiac as safe matches.</p>

<p>yea, quinnipiac is definitely one of my safety schools now that i researched it thanks. and RIT is too far away, and the other colleges dont really have my majors. anymore suggestions?</p>