Need Help Choosing Between Two Apartments

Hello, I need help choosing between two apartments… The one I originally planned on doing got filled when I woke up today :sweat_smile: so now I need to choose between two others I found. I want to take the one that is cheaper but I am not sure which one is. One starts more expensive but has some utilities included together with furnishing, so not sure which one is cheaper.

One costs $1714 per month for a 10 month lease → $17140 + Unknown Utility Costs and Fees

The second one costs $1650 per month for a 12 month lease → $19800 + Unknown tax fees and additional fees

The first one comes unfurnished and needs to pay utilities. The second one comes furnished and most utilities included, but I’ll need to pay for internet (probably, has internet included but not sure if I’ll need to pay yet) I never lived in an apartment before due to Covid, and I hated dorms which is why I’m willing to pay more for the apartment. I’m living by myself, so really all I need for furnishing is a desk, chair, and bed (sheets and stuff too).

My daughter also disliked living in a dorm and has lived in an apartment this year and will move into a different apartment next year.

One reason she is moving is that one of two roommates will be living in a studio, which it sounds like you plan to do based on how high your rent will be (I’m assuming in a high cost of living area).

I think you need to consider the following:

  1. Would you like to work near your college or take classes next summer?

  2. Which property manager/landlord is more communicative and transparent? Who has the better reputation?

  3. How close is the apartment to campus? How safe is the area/walk/commute?

  4. Which apartment could you see yourself living in for more than one year?

  5. Laundry on the premises either within the building or apartment?

  6. What is your gut feeling when you viewed the apartments?

  7. Average utility costs?

Furnishings do not need to be expensive. We were able to repurpose some furniture from home and buy a bed frame, lamp, and shelving unit really inexpensively. We also purchased kitchen items through thrift stores, Amazon, and Target.

I could come up with a longer list, but I believe this is a good starting point. Wishing you the best!

I would check with the local housing office at your university because they get complaints from students if certain apartments don’t fit or aren’t responsive to student needs.
Ask them if they have an apartment rental guide. In the guide, it will tell you what to ask when renting, and has questions that you typically wouldn’t think to initially ask; it’s a checklist. Also, if later you decide to have a roommate, what are the rules for that? Can they have their own lease for sharing the apartment?

Our daughter had to take an apartment near her new hospital assignment during Covid.
We looked into several apartments in one weekend and had to make a quick decision because of Covid.

We based it on safety services, personal parking next to her apartment, and security for herself as well as visitors (and delivery protection services for her Amazon packages).

For internet and cable services, she had to purchase the cable company’s kit.
She didn’t realize how lonely it could get, so she borrowed a tv from her friend.

Plus she also needed a budget for:

-FOOD and cooking/cutting supplies. Cups/Plates/cutlery
-light bulbs ( some people take the light bulbs when they move!)
-Cleaning supplies (including a vacuum-some apartments have carpet in 2nd stories to limit noise) trash cans, broom/mop, laundry soap, dawn, bleach, etc.
-bathroom supplies (toilet paper, toothpaste, hand soap, shampoos, etc.)
-We had to buy her a printer.

  • and miscellaneous items like grooming supplies.

Living by herself meant that she had to absorb all of the costs by herself. She needed to live there for a year for her assignment. So she borrowed or went to stores for lamps, trash cans, etc. The thrift stores were closed during Covid but you should have that option because some are now open.

It was more secure, faster and cheaper to order her table and chairs set from Wayfair; she put it together using the toolkit we had purchased for her.

Good luck!

Her costs for the rent were similar to what you’ve posted.

My suggestion would be for the less expensive apartment with the caveat that it needs to have safety measures and a responsive management staff.