Need help choosing my major!!!

Please give me your opinion on which is the best plan to get a job and be successful after college.

  1. Major in Marketing
  2. Major in Marketing, Minor in Communication Studies
  3. Double Major in Marketing and Business Management
  4. Double Major in Marketing and Business Management, Minor in Communication Studies

Any advice is appreciated, thank you.

P.S. I was originally planning to Major in Finance due to the many career opportunities and high paying salaries, but I am much more interested in Marketing.

While in Business school you’ll be required to take a lot of different classes across the Business spectrum. Including management, and communications courses. The real question is, how will majoring in multiple fields help diversify your knowledge base. All of the options you listed sound viable and will ultimately lead to a successful career. It all depends upon what you want to do post graduation. For example, if you want a career in Marketing then doubling up in Marketing and Communications is a sound strategy. Although if you see yourself in more leadership style positions then you’ll probably want to toss some additional management courses in there. I would suggest the mix that best enables you to obtain high grades across the board. It isn’t JUST about your major, future employers want to see that you received good grades along the way most of all.

If you are more interested in Marketing then I would suggest Majoring in Marketing and Minoring in Business Management.

I think finance would be a better major career-wise but if marketing is your passion I know people who have been successful pairing it with statistics (I imagine the better you can understand and interpret raw data the more valuable you’ll be).

I’d recommend asking this question to your marketing professors and career placement office.

You have to choose wisely when choosing a business major because it all comes down to what is currently in demand. I wouldn’t necessarily choose marketing because its too broad. If that’s what you definitely want to do then i would really minor in something that isn’t as broad like statistics, MIS, accounting, finance. Stay away from business management because that’s still a very broad degree and you’re probably not going to get a managerial position coming out of college. If i were you I would major in finance with a minor in MIS, just because of the range of jobs you could do with money and a technology background. It would offer more job security than a marketing degree.

If you are not a stats person, the combining marketing with comm studies with some emphasis on online and social media communication might be a good combo.