Need Help Choosing Senior Year Classes!

<p>So I have a dilemma. I can't decide what class to choose to fill my senior schedule. The problem is my French class. I've been studying abroad this year in France, so my level is french is basically fluent, and I will be taking the AP test this May. BUT, my school's highest level in French is AP, so...I've already taken the class. Not sure what to do, because I still want to take French.</p>

<p>Anyway, here's the basics: senior year I'm going to be taking AP Calc AB, APUSH, AP Comp Gov, Economics, Physics, and Women's Literature. That leaves one more class period to fill up. The choices are:</p>

<p>a. AP French 4 (my school’s highest French class, I already have approval to “retake” it. PRO: I love my teacher, she’s agreed to do some independent study with me next year if I take AP with her; CON: Already taken the class, might be massively bored. I could opt out of this and take a higher level class my community college.)</p>

<p>b. AP Art History (love art history this year, would be really happy to continue studying it. My school apparently has an excellent art history teacher that loves teaching this class so much that he actually gets his current students to recruit enough students for the following year, so the administration doesn’t shut down the class for lack of interest!)</p>

<p>c. Criminal and Civil Law (part of the ROP program at my school. I think it could be really interesting because I want to be a lawyer and am intrigued by the legal process. Might also be nice to have an easier you can see, my current schedule is kind of killer.)</p>

<p>d. Psychology I & II (because I’ve always wanted to fit it into my schedule, but thought I would never be able to.)</p>

<p>e. AP Environment Science (apparently a very easy class – weird, because it’s AP and everything – plus it’s on a subject I am interested in, and it would be nice to have another science credit. Might have to jump through a bunch of hoops though to get around my school’s “one science per year” rule, especially since this is an AP.)</p>

<p>f. AP Statistics (I was having a hard time deciding between taking Calc and Stats, but I've finally decided on Calc. However, I could take them both... Apparently statistics is very helpful in college, and I might major in political science, one major it is helpful for. Plus, I know both the teachers that teach this class, and I like them both.)</p>

<p>g. Creative Writing (because creative writing is awesome! One of my big EC interests.)</p>

<p>What do you think? Anyone have advice? Remember, if I take any class other than French AP, I'll also have a college French class added onto my schedule!</p>

<p>Sorry to do this but...BUMP</p>

<p>Looks good to me. I would take the CC class instead of AP again considering you are taking the test this year. I think Art History might be too much combined with AP Gov and APUSH. Not a lot of colleges take APES credit, so it would be a little of a waste. I say AP Stat, Psych, or Criminal Law.</p>

<p>Thank you so much for the input! We've go one for vote each for AP Stats, Psych and Law then.</p>

<p>I like the idea of taking Criminal Law, honestly.</p>

<p>I would advise against retaking AP French. Other than that, though, just do what you want. Your schedule is totally fine regardless of what that last class is.</p>