Need help dealing w/ teacher

<p>This is the situation I'm in:
On Monday the teacher announced we were having a quiz. On Monday I was absent. Right away I asked a classmate what I missed on Monday, but he assured me that I missed nothing important. I also emailed my teacher about what I missed, but she told me to talk to her on Friday, which I turned out to be the day of the quiz, so I'm assuming she didn't realize that I missed the quiz announcement. On Friday I came to class, found out about the quiz five minutes before I had to take it, and failed it. After school I went to talk to about my teacher after class but I hesitated to tell her I didn't know about the quiz because I was afraid I'd come across as complaining or making excuses for myself. But now I've gotten seriously worried about my grade, so I want to explain to my teacher that I didn't know about the quiz and hope that she is sympathetic. My question is whether it's a good idea to tell her, and if so, how can I bring it up tactfully?</p>

<p>I think the way you explained it here is fine. Tell or email your teacher, remind him that you were absent on Monday, spoke to a classmate as well as the teacher, but did not receive the info that there would be a quiz on Friday. And see if there is anything your teacher would be willing to do. </p>

<p>You were obviously unprepared, while the rest of the class did have knowledge of the quiz. There is nothing wrong in explaining what transpired to your teacher. Since you went to him, he really should have told you about the quiz, but keep that to yourself. Hopefully he will realize it. If it comes down to it, I think it would be alright to mention you were at a disadvantage, not knowing of the quiz ahead of time, like everyone else.</p>

<p>It seems odd to me that the teacher announced on Monday that there would be a quiz on Friday, but then neither the teacher nor any of your friends in the class ever mentioned it again the rest of the week. It also seems odd that it wasn't posted on-line. Just saying'. Sounds fishy to me, OP. If I am wrong, though, you should definitely say something.</p>

<p>@MD Mom: Yeah, it seems weird to me too. I should probably check to see if we have a homework board in the classroom that I never noticed. I guess I probably would have heard something about the quiz from my friends if I actually had friends in that class, haha.
Thanks for the help!</p>

<p>^ It would not surprise me in the least if what OP stated is exactly what happened. Teachers can be quite forgetful. OP went to the teacher. Teacher should have told OP about the quiz.</p>

<p>Totally understand not having someone who would tell you about a quiz. I hope you get it straightened out. Now, you might want to really review the quiz material in case she puts you on the spot and gives you another chance.:)</p>