Need help deciding if my sats are good

<p>hey everyone so i got my sats today and im a little worried because i got a low verbal score (580) my math was ok (660) but then i got an amazing writing score (740) but idk if any school even cares. like the schools im looking at mostly do accept it so does that mean it really counts still? i mean a 1980 isnt bad but my math and verbal is only a 1240 and im applying to places like UTexas, UCLA, Babson, American, Bentley, UMichigan which are some good and very good schools but not like the very top. i also have about a 3.2 but i go to private school and its not inflated at all. do i stand a chance? any help would be appreciated.</p>

<p>I don't know why your CR and W would be that dramatically different. It suggests to me that with practice you may be able to raise your CR score. I'd read up on the Xiggi method of SAT prep as outlined in Xiggi's classic posts on CC, then retake.</p>

<p>thanks, anyone else?</p>