Need help deciding on some colleges

<p>So I want to apply to one or more schools and am currently looking at two that seem good possibilites.
Some of my stats:
SATS: CR 600, M 640, W 550
ACT 28
3 AP classes
Top 10%
high GPA (not sure exactly, was 4.0 at end of junior year)</p>

<p>I want to do environmental science/biology.
So far I have applied to St. Michaels, Allegheny, Ursinus (accepted), St. Mary's College of Maryland.</p>

<p>I am thinking about St. Lawrence and Muhlenberg. Can anyone give me information on these two schools? I am thinking about applying to either one or both. Or if you know of any other schools that would seem to fit. </p>

<p>Thanks alot!</p>

<p>idk much about those wouldnt hurt @ all to try cornell.</p>

<p>I had SAT's of CR670 M630 and W620 and I didn't get into St. Lawrence. Had a strong courseload, decent GPA, good recs, and good EC's. I really wanted to go there...when my counselor called and asked why I was rejected, they said that even though my profile was good enough to be accepted, there were a lot of applicants with the same type of profile, admissions there is starting to get more competitive than it was. I have a friend there who loves it, another friend who transferred out after one semester. It's in the middle of absolutely nowhere, I don't know if you want someplace where there's actually something to do in the surrounding area, like St. Michael's, which is in a great area cause of Burlington.</p>