Need help deciding where to go apply

<p>I am using my sister's account for this. I am looking for a school in a warm climate, with minimal snow or ice (I have a handicap so I can't navigate in bad weather). I am interested in history and poli sci.
GPA: 3.35
School: Small Public, sends some students to top schools
Some advanced courses-APs in history, 4s on AP tests
State: Ohio
Expected SAT I: 1700
Some advanced courses, APs in History (4 on AP tests)
-Debate 11-12
-Tech 10-12
-Working on Local TV station 9-12
-Music (guitar) 7-12
100 volunteer hours
Thank you!</p>

<p>You should absolutely look at schools in CA. Obviously, there are so great ones here, and especially in Southern California, there will be no ice at all. Obviously states like Florida and stuff too...very warm...but since I am from California I'm just going to suggest the schools I can think of off the top of my head.</p>

<p>Maybe look at:
Chapman University, University of San Diego (note it's different than UCSD), Occidential College, Pitzer College, University of Redlands, Mills College (if you're a girl)</p>

<p>U of Mississippi, U of Alabama, U of Arkansas. Stay out of California.</p>

<p>What kinds of things are you looking for besides climate? Big school? LAC?</p>

<p>william and mary, gw, american, basically anything in D.C. or Virginia would work for you.</p>

<p>Thanks for the help, but I'm just curious, do you think I would be able to get into all of these schools?</p>

<p>Texas is not bad in the winter. One of the Texas state universities houses the Lyndon B Johnson School of public policy, i cant remember which one. And YES you could get in Texas.</p>

<p>Maybe Elon? Or Duke, though that might be a reach. North Carolina is gorgeous and doesn't get that cold.</p>

<p>To be honest, with your GPA and SAT scores, schools like W&M, Duke are basically out of the question. I second Pitzer and recommend Tulane.</p>

<p>What about Clemson? It's in a warm climate with little to no snow every year!</p>

<p>I suspect Pitzer is more of a reach, but it's definitely reasonable. Schools like Chapman, USD, Redlands would be great matches.</p>