Need Help Deciding!!!

<p>I Have been accepted to my two top choices and I don't know where to go to (Background info I am from New Jersey).
1. Binghamton University School of Management:
- Reasons for maybe going: Closer Proximity to home, great business program, great job connections, lower tuition (not a huge factor).
- Cons: </p>

<li>Tulane University</li>
<li>Reasons for maybe going: incredible location, great sized student body, fun/ friendly people, good balance of work and play (Got some scholarship, but not an important decision factor). </li>

<p>Where should I go???</p>

<p>Well what major are you taking up?</p>

<p>Start looking at the campus newspapers and activities. Look at the class sizes through their class schedules system. See what sort of activity goes on in their career center. See if admissions will put you in contact with students you can email or call. You have plenty of time to research before you decide.</p>