Need help determining my UC GPA


<p>I've spent this past year at a CCC taking classes in math and science (I'm an electrical engineering major) and have a 4.0. However, I was wondering if the two years I spent at four-year school will be factored into my GPA. The thing is that I flunked out out of a top UG (think Penn, Duke, Columbia, Chicago, etc.) because I was depressed and lacked motivation. I also chose the school based on prestige and not on fit. All in all, I hated the place. </p>

<p>So I guess I have a couple of questions. 1. Will the two years at my previous school be factored into my UC transfer GPA? What about private schools? And 2. How will the UC's view my time at my previous school? Will they automatically assume that I cannot handle the work of a four-year university? I've matured a great deal since then and I am now very motivated. I also changed my major from Polisci to EE. </p>


<li><p>They will factor in and average with your other classes. Also with privates.</p></li>
<li><p>A lot of people at my community college and other ones dropped out of 4 year institutions for a fresh start; it's not uncommon. You'll probably be needing some of the units that you did pass in those.</p></li>

<p>You're assuming that they will assume. </p>

<p>Since you're applying for EE, you're applying directly to the engineering school and someone there will look at your app. To them, your previous poli sci classes won't matter since the degree doesn't require those courses; you've shown that you can handle the foundation work for EE and that's what matters.</p>

<p>Notice that the UC's require an overall GPA and a major GPA. Your overall GPA is going to be negatively impacted but your EE GPA shows that you have what it takes.</p>

<p>Thanks for your response. </p>

<p>Is there any way to report the GPA's separately (while still sending the transcripts for both schools)? I feel that I may have no chance if the classes from my previous school are factored in as the minimum GPA required is a 3.2.</p>

<p>I've also read about academic renewal. Would this help me out? </p>


<p>Also, would it be a good idea to apply as a math major instead? The EE pre-reqs fulfill the pre-reqs for the various math majors. More importantly, according to the UCLA website, the math majors have a lower admitted GPA and higher acceptance rate (45-50% for math vs. 35% for EE).</p>

<p>First, do you like EE? Do you like math? </p>

<p>Then, the main question here is: </p>

<p>Are you trying to get in for the major or for the school? </p>

<p>You don't report a total GPA; you fill in all the classes at all institutions you've been in and then the UC calculates it for you. </p>

<p>Academic renewal is done at the university you failed those classes in; you petition for renewal and then you take the class over again at the same institution. It wouldn't help in this case. </p>

<p>When are you planning to xfer? If it's next year, you have plenty of time to keep up a trailblazing GPA that will outweigh your past and show a powerful upward trend.</p>

<p>Scratch that about academic renewal, got it confused with simply retaking the class. You might be able to do it at that univ. but you still need to petition.</p>

<p>EE is my preferred major by far, but in the end I want to major in something math-related or in a physical science. I'd rather major in applied math at UCLA (my first choice school) than in EE at another school. </p>

<p>And yeah, I'll be applying next year. </p>

<p>As far as extra-curriculars go, what's considered great for the UC's?</p>