Need help fast, act paper due tonight!

<p>I’m just wondering is 5 schools enough of a selection?
I’m homeschooled but I did it through the public school system. I’m retaking my act…I took it oct. of my sophmore year and got a twenty. (I skipped the sci section someone got sick and I in return got sick and left.) My new ACT I’m taking Oct 28th…
I’m applying to </p>

<li>university of iowa</li>
<li>coe college</li>
<li>cornell college</li>
<li>layola university chicago</li>
<li>minn state mankato</li>

<p>and possibly iowa state…
my main fear is I won’t get into any of them. I really want into coe…I don’t know what I’m crazy about and advice is appreciated.
Im visint all of them**</p>