Need help find a third SAT subject test...

<p>ok ive taken Math IIC and US history so far</p>

<p>got 710,680</p>

<p>retaking the math... but i need another subject test. Im not sure since i didnt really take a science based course in my junior year, I pretty much had no electives since i was taking a foreign language</p>

<p>So, i dunno, i took AP language & Comp and got a 3 on the exam... and im not sure if i can score in the 700 range for that. Would that be difficult? My vocab is good, but my critical reading passage skills are not too great( 640 on SAT) 2090 overall. Or, is it possible for me to take Math level 1 and level 2.</p>

<p>Or should i just take math level 1,2, and LIt and just let them decide which one they want to use. Im pretty much lost here since there is nothing else i could probably take... unless i took french, which im not going to.</p>

<p>I'm in like the exact same boat as you. I took 2C (730) and USH (650) and my options are pretty much Lit or French, too.</p>

<p>I don't think you should take Math level 1 - there's really no point.</p>

<p>I've heard the Chem one was easy, or history ones since they're based on memorization. Think about your possible major to help you decide. Good luck figuring it out..I have no clue.</p>