Need Help Finding a Good College for Me

<p>I’ve been wondering where to apply for colleges (I’m going to be a senior). I will probably apply for ten, but I am having trouble narrowing down my search. Here are some things about me: </p>

<p>GPA: 4.0 (rank: 7/600)
Classes: Gifted whenever available and Latin (3 years)
AP Classes: Human Geography (score: 5), World History (5), Biology (5), US History (5), Language and Composition (5), Physics (didn’t take exam). Will take in Senior year: Literature, Calculus AB, Government, Comparative Government, Environmental Science, Economics</p>

<p>SAT Scores: CR: 680 M: 770 W: 800 (will take SAT again—hoping to raise CR to about 730ish)
Biology: 750 Math I: 740 US History: 720</p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities:
Honor Societies: Beta (3 years), Mu Alpha Theta (3 years), Science National Honors Society (2 years), Language National Honors Society (2 years), POD ([leadership club only for our school]), Latin Honor Society, National Honors Society (2 years)
Other Clubs: Volunteer Club (except junior year), Latin Club, SAVE/SADD, Medicine Club, Debate, TSA (Technology Student Association) will continue these clubs in senior year
Others: In a local school’s “Host” program as a volunteer (I tutored two students a week in (sophomore) and one student a week (junior)—will continue in senior year, play the violin (7 years)</p>

TSA State Competition: SCIVIZ (2nd place), Debate (7th), Prepared Presentation (6th)
National Latin Exam: Gold Medal (Latin 1), Cum Laude (Latin II)
Publications in annual school magazine: poem (sophmore) and photograph (junior)
AP Scholar with Distinction
Top scores in performance evaluation (I played in a violin duet for a group of judges)</p>

Secretary of Debating Club (sophomore year)—helped to start Debate
Chaired the local school’s “Host” program for two volunteer clubs I’m in (Mu Alpha Theta and Beta)</p>

<h2>Jobs: Paid Intern (1 month) for Georgia Association of Water Professionals (statewide association that works with government and also provides training/educational opportunities for those in the water/wastewater field)—I wrote articles in their magazine; worked in my dad’s office (filing, organizing, etc)</h2>

<p>I live in Georgia, so I will apply to Emory University, UGA (University of GA), and GA Tech. I don't think I will get into any Ivies, but I don't know what out of school colleges to apply for. Stanford, Berkeley, Vanderbilt, UCLA? </p>

<p>Mainly, what colleges would I MOST likely get accepted into?</p>