Need help finding precollege program

<p>My son is interested in doing a pre-college program in painting summer 2009. He is a junior this year in an arts magnet school. The main thing we are looking for is a program that is somewhat selective (serious art students) and also a program that is demanding. He is serious about building his portfolio, rather than looking for more of a fun "art camp" atmosphere. Where should we look?

<p>RISD is a very intense program. It gives a real taste of what art school is all about, and he will come home with lots of portfolio options.</p>

<p>My son attended RISD's pre-college program and handemom is absolutely right about its intensity. It is definitely for serious art students. My son learned a lot and came up with the beginnings of a great portfolio. (He is now a senior at RISD.)</p>

<p>The University of Michigan has a pre-BFA program for two weeks in the summer that is meant to show kids what to expect doing studio work at the school of art and design. My daughter participated last year, and found it to be intense as well as fun. The program is a conceptual program, not "fundamentals" so probably not for everyone, but definitely a wonderful experience for the right kid.</p>

<p>I thought MICA $$-$$$ is the selective one but not sure anymore.
RISD $$$$$ (but also 2weeks longer than most) does not ask for portfolio but lots of money. So are most other well-known art schools. It is more self selective-ity because first off, you have to be able to afford it, and even students are near beginners, if they are motivated, work hard and stick with it till end then result will be great, meanwhile there are always some rich kids who didn’t want to be there and could be annoying and set negative tone.
From what we looked into last year(summer before junior year)
Syracuse $ -$$ asks portfolio but program had mixed review.
SFAI $$ seems quite serious about painting but no proper dorm nor food and too far.
I couldn’t quite point out but KCAI $$ seemed bit juvenile.
Seriously considered MECA$$$, SAIC $$$ and of course Cooper Union Outreach. (free!)
It also depends where you live and how much you want to spend.
If one needs scholarship, almost always need portfolio maybe exception is Ringling.
But again, I am not so sure how much weight that had for acceptance and the amount of aid given in the end.</p>

<p>Oh, now junior, for this summer?
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This is it. THE most selective.</p>

<p>And free. (need air fare)</p>

<p>Thank you so much for telling me about the Marie Walsh Sharpe Program. My son applied and has been accepted! I never would have known about this program if not for you. Thank you for taking the time to post!!</p>