Need help finding stats on where students choose to send SAT scores

<p>Months ago I came across a report at the College Board web site that showed statistics about which universities students send their free SAT score reports. </p>

<p>The report focused on the geographic distribution of the students sending scores to the particular university. I think it listed the information both by university and by state. For example, a large number of CA students send score reports to UC Berkeley, and a large portion of midwestern students send score reports to universities on the East and West coasts.</p>

<p>I can't find this report now.</p>

<p>Have you seen such a report at the College Board web site? Or have you seen similar data at another site (charting the geographic distribution of students that apply to various universities)?</p>

<p>My memory was faulty.</p>

<p>The College Board reports (plural) that I had looked at were the College-Bound Senior reports by state. Near the end of each report is a "College Plans" table that shows the universities that received the most score reports from students in that state.</p>