Need help finding target schools to apply to (engineering)

I am a rising senior with a 3.98 UW, 34 ACT, and by graduation will have taken 12 APs (only offered for juniors and seniors at my school). I would prefer not to attend my state public school (UMN) but am struggling to find some private schools that are good for engineering and that I can likely get into. So, i’d just like some suggestions. If it helps, the schools I have liked the best so far are WUSTL and NU. I am not interested in liberal arts colleges.

@ashley17 Budget? Why only private schools?

Any particular region? There is Worcester Polytech in MA, Rensallaer (spelling) in NY, Michigan Tech in the UP in MI - a friend’s very bright son just graduated with a Master’s in robotics. These are just starters - your grades are only one indicator.

CMU, Tufts, U Rochester, Case Western, BU, Northeastern, Villanova, Lehigh, Santa Clara, RPI. If you need a financial aid estimate, use each of their Net Price Calculators.

Public: Cal Poly (out of state cost of attendance in the mid-40s), CO Mines (out of state cost of attendance 58k)

Cost constraints?

What is it that you do not like about UMN?

Really, CSE at Uminn is a top eng school. Make sure you get your best application in there unless you have a trust fund and your parents are untouchable by covid implications. If your FAFSA EFC is 50K it is hard to imagine you have no cost constraints. You have reciprocity also, use that. This is the third thread you have on the same thing, what is wrong with the suggestions already? Have you actually sat down and had the money talk? What is your actual budget?

Why only private schools? Purdue and Virginia Tech, just to pick two, are excellent engineering schools that would be solid targets.

Stevens Institute of Technology

If you are open to public schools I recommend looking into Virginia Tech. Many people from my high school have gone there and love it.

As a public school educated engineering professional and father of a state school educated Software Engineer (UMD) and father of a current student of a top private (UChicago) who is not in engineering, I think I’d advise to reconsider “not a state school.” BTW @LAS1228 , Mich Tech is also a state school.

My experience with state school engineering schools is that they are larger and have larger resources for clubs and organizations and therefore there are many more options. If you look at the top 10 engineering schools listed by USNWR (please don’t turn this into a rankings discussion, just a data point), it is really the only discipline that most of the top 10 schools (graduate, but there is a connection) are public schools.

I consistently post on CC when Indiana residents who want to be engineers ask where they should apply. Unless you hate gold and black, then Purdue is the obvious answer. I know that UofMN is a good engineering school. $ for $, there is really no argument one can make to not go there for engineering. They will have larger career fairs, more engineering organizations, a bigger diverse group of students to expose you to different ideas.

Not sure if the NU mentioned in your post is Northwestern or Northeastern, but I’d definitely recommend looking at Northeastern! We have a really strong engineering program

If you don’t want to go to UMN, apply to University of Wisconsin. Due to tuition reciprocity, you will get in state tuition.

Without answers to the questions asked in replies #1 and #4, we’re just shooting in the dark here.