Need help for deciding transfering

<p>Hello, I'm international student of a Community College in Washington and in need to transfer in Winter / Spring 2012 . I have fun too much during college and as a result I got 2.33 for my GPA.
Currently I have 85 counted credits
or 100 credits with 3 class F(0.0)
(F classes : 1 CS class and 1 Math Calc 3 and 1 non major (philosophy of religion) and
I have classes 4 class with
D's(0.8-1.2-1.2-1.7(all of them are non major)
and 6W(this is due to major change))
and currently I'm taking 4 classes(2 retakes (1F and 1D)) and by December my GPA are supposed to be up to 2.6 or 2.7 (it was my gpa before i failed 3(2Ds 1F) classes last quarter) ... </p>

<p>I have work experience as an accounting clerk for 5 months (I was social science on high school) and is member of IEEE and ACM (if that worth something). My major is Electrical engineering</p>

<p>I have applied to Ohio state and is rejected as due to academic factor(but I think there are other factors such as i applied for them 20 days late from deadline, and i didn't even write any of my work or club experience down and didn't even proofread my personal statement and I applied for accounting whereas I've only taken class for EE (I was planning to change major back then but i changed my mind again)).
Now I'm planing to try to re-apply for them as my grade will be better but currently i got an offer from Iowa State which I think I'd likely to get in as I've met face to face with the Iowa advisor (but I was advised to apply for Physics there and will transfer between department later) and I also applied for Oregon State which I think is easier to get in, but i don't really like those 2 (I believe ISU is good engineering Uni but it's too far away from any big cities(I prefer big cities) and as for OreSU i wanted to go to better engineering college than OreSU but this is for safety pick)</p>

<p>I also are interested in several universities in mideast are such as : IIT, MSOE, Purdue, UIllinoisChicago</p>

<p>My Major is Electrical Engineering</p>

<p>That's my background and so here's my question:
1. Will i be able to transfer Ohio State or any of those other universities that I'm interested in the midwest (IIT, MSOE, Purdue, UIChicago) for spring / fall quarter next year ? any advice on how to get there (such as apply for conditional admission or easier major to get in) ?
2. Would it be better(for transfer) if I take courses at Iowa/ Oregon State then transfer rather than retaking classes at Community College ?</p>

<p>I would really appreciate your help and thank you so much guys for reading this ....</p>