Need help getting in Film Prod - Horrible High School GPA, Good Community College GPA

<p>I will get right to the point...Please read this</p>

<p>My High School GPA was a 2.0</p>

<p>I didn't take school very seriously and dropped out at one point. I went back, graduated, and right now I am a community college student.</p>

<p>I fooled around when I first finished HS and started a few years late. I'm 21 years old now and very serious about school. My Community College GPA is currently a 3.0 with 30 finished credits. I need 41 more credits basically to get my associates degree which I figure will help me raise my GPA. I don't need an associates degree to transfer into the film program but I do figure I need a higher GPA.</p>

<p>The past few years at community college I've realized a passion for cinema and theatre. At first I wanted to be an actor and ended up starring in the college play. Then I was the cinematographer, editor, and an actor in the school's feature film. I ended up winning an award for Most Outstanding Achievement in Theatre Studies. I've been told I write very well so I feel as if I could do very well on the essays required for transferring. Also, I am sure my theatre teacher and possibly even her professional cinematographer friend would write amazing letters of recommendation for me.</p>

<p>Basically, my question is, what is the fastest way I can get accepted transferrring into USC's film production BA program? I really DON'T think it's a good idea if they were to base my entry on my high school GPA so I'm guessing I will need at least 60 credits to bypass that. Either way, I won't have 60 credits before the February 1 Transfer deadline. That means that if I were to get my associates degree that I would have to wait until February 1 2012 just to APPLY.</p>

<p>Does it matter what I major in for my associates degree?
I've never taken the SAT - should I bother?
I'm a persian/white male if that matters.
What GPA should I aim for? I believe mathematically I can end up with a 3.6 if I get all As in the rest of my classes. Is that good enough?
What else can I do or is important? This is my dream. I would basically do anything!</p>


<p>High School GPA is 2.0
Now in community college with 3.0 GPA
Can raise college GPA to just over 3.6 if I persue an associates degree
Received awards for theatre and film at school
Good writer, can get good letters of recommendation
Never taken SAT
Want to know fastest and best way to get accepted transferring into USC Film Production BA</p>

<p>sounds similar to me, but you might want to raise your GPA a lot more...
Being at a community, I think they expect a higher GPA....</p>

<p>If you are in a community college in California, there should be a person in administration who handles the articulation agreements with UC's and USC. As I understand it, if you fulfill certain requirements with a certain GPA, which you will probably have to raise , you can be guaranteed acceptance as a transfer to a UC or USC. (UCLA also has an excellent production program which doesn't start until junior year, so you would be on equal footing with all of the other production majors if accepted there.) If you are coming in as a transfer, I think that your cc GPA -- and not your high school GPA -- is what is considered. Also, you might want to go onto USC and UCLA websites and see if the film programs post the GPA's for incoming transfers so you'll have a sense of what you need to aim for.</p>